ColorPop's Neons for Festival Season! + Milk's Cannabis Mask! | Makeup Minute

Today in Makeup and Beauty News, your daily reminder of today’s Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Deals, an update on the Bad Habit website shut down, Charlotte …


  1. I broke down and ordered that neon Colourpop collection! I was super impressed with Shae's swatching everything, and the neon is a true neon! And the eight glitters are amazing!!! Straight glitter, but no sticky base needed. They are truly fire 🔥🔥💚💜💙💛 You really need to see it to appreciate how great it is! I will say that Colourpop needs to slow down all their new releases. It's a bit overwhelming. Especially for my bank account!! I'm buying a few candles today too! Your video was beautiful!😘

  2. I can’t use milk make up. I break out in hives. No idea what causes the allergic reaction, but something does. It was the blur priming stick that was in the Sephora box in February I believe.

  3. Im considering buying the MILK Cannabis mask. I have chronic eczema on my hands and face as well as rosacea and I have used hemp products during flare ups and it helps so much. Might be worth a try for those with sensitive skin!

  4. I'm so over ~festival~ makeup like is there no other way to market colorful shades and who even goes to enough festivals to justify getting eyeshadow just for that event

  5. they may call it cannabis. but cannabis isn't legal in all 50 states, let alone legal for products. So it is cbd oil the non- psychoactive part of the plant. sort of misleading advertising.

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Yes please! I can’t wait to get the ColourPop Pigments.
    I have quite a long list of ColourPop things I have to get.

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