1. Nice review, not all testosterone boosters work the same for everyone, I've tried a couple in the review, but so far the best one has been one from G8 Nutrition called TestolynX, and the one from Pro Supps original Halotropin, not sure if its the same anymore.

  2. kyolic aged garlic extract is the base herb you should use for testosterone and overall health. 4 capsules a day. every other herb following along with that will be more beneficial.

  3. Yall gotta get some better representatives if you are speaking on a product that improves ones appearance. This guy sounds like Shawn Ray but has a body like Ray J. I'll pass.

  4. all of these hyped up Test booster are not the best one. This guy obviously did NOT look at Test boosters (outside of the bodybuilding world) If you really want to raise testosterone try Masculini-T by LifeSeasons. Probably one of the best and most outstanding test booster. The company is A-1 steak sauce rated tooo yo!

  5. Really?? What a fluff video. Anyone who falls for this "review of reviews" deserves to waste their money. To each his own. (Whey did I even click on this video………………..)

  6. Quick question. The number one has ingredients Stearic acid and Magnesium Stearate. I’ve heard those are not too good for you for the long term. Is that true that it suppresses some important cells in your body?

  7. I have had good results with RSP Prime T. All these t-boosters take a couple of bottles to kick in. I noticed another unexpected side effect. Since I am loading up on zinc with the t-booster I have not gotten my usual winter cold. My question is there a recommended cycle time????

  8. I have an idea.i will make my own test booster of gips and declare it the best one.some good marketing and you will see how placebo works immediately .or lets mix some herbs .it is the same.

  9. I take these ingredients alone theyll be more effective becuase the amounts will be higher also dhea is amazing and if you supplement with it you need to take a DIM product with it or you can and most likely will produce more estrogen too

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