Ben Shapiro Breaks Down Stupidity Shown By Alexandria Ocasio Cortez On MSNBC

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently appeared on Chris Hayes show on MSNBC and said (as usual) some pretty dumb stuff. Click here to subscribe for more …


  1. Well, if the 22nd amendment was meant to stop FDR from getting re-elected, and it was initiated only after his death, then it obviously worked, didn't it? Duh! I'd like to see you pass something so ingenious as that, with a 100% success rate.

  2. Shapiro is always very good slating others. That behavior has an expiry. When is he going to build coalitions and make this world a better place? AOC is dumb but at least has better intention than Shapiro

  3. On a side note. It's hard for me to believe someone is that dumb. I think she just blatantly lies about things knowing her supporters won't research the validity of her statements.

  4. Why do brain – dead Democrats think a " serious conversation " will solve every problem, but when challenged, refuse to have that conversation ? They want problems to remain, not be solved. That's how they attempt to hold onto their power by keeping minorities victims. See you in 13 years, you deluded moron.

  5. She's a creation of the media that has gone above and beyond to protect and push her as the "new" face of the party. They are fully invested and can't let her fail.

  6. Okay but cow farts ARE actually an issue. AOC is on some dumb shit. But cow farts are an issue. And it's not impossible to heavily switch to alternative fuel or solar power

  7. As a member of a military family , she just really blew my skirt up when she used World War 2 and the threats our grandparents faced, next to her godawful “Green New Deal” with her farting cows. Talk about disrespect. You’re going to use your “Green New Deal” and try and compare it to the infamy of Normandy ( D-day )or Pearl Harbor. Gtfoh AOC.

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