1. Just wanted to see how you were doing and wow, you’re like everything I dislike. I don’t expect everyone to be the same, I just don’t like it when people are weird/irresponsible adults. And you being 24 or w/e doesn’t make it better. Bye, ~*Team Quirky*~.

  2. Great video and btw I love, loves your eye make up. Also yes you are Crazy🤣 but then we all are, in are own crazy way lmfao but that's not always a bad thing. Your awesome and beautiful inside and out✌ I love ya for you being just you and not all YouTubers are like that and act bit fake and act someone else. Not that's always bad too but it makes it more real and a nicer connection , when people like you are real and I love that

  3. Totally get how you feel about the decline in views, I used to have thousands and thousands of views back in the day haha, I remember going to a YouTube gathering and everyone was calling me a 'big youtuber' Because I had 5000 subscribers at the time!! (This was around 2012 haha) I started losing motivation when everyone else's channels grew and I felt that mine was getting left behind.
    I really wish I just carried on because I absolutely loved making them and was obsessed with YouTube! I just thought people weren't interested. Now I try and make a vlog and I just can't do it the same way like I used to and I'm lucky if I get more than 100 views! I feel like I can never get back into it now, it's too late and I should never have stopped. I mean I still do upload but it's not constant. I used to upload at least once a week!
    I'm so happy you carried on making videos, you should be proud of yourself for carrying on when it got hard. You never gave up and that's amazing! You now have so many videos filled with memories to look back on which is lovely and you still have heaps of viewers who really enjoy your content! I really believe that one day you'll be recognised for all you do and all the hard work and passion you've put in, so keep on going and never give up! Xxxx

  4. Your hair looks amazing in this one! More vids like this! I also like understanding people and learning what makes them tick so these sorta vids are my favs. Also you said f*ck and didn't bleep it?! 😱 naughty haha

  5. Oh my god I remember I started watching you 4-5 years ago and then I just stopped watching YouTube in general, but now I’m back and seeing you change as a person is just so wild. Your hair is still always bomb tho

  6. I’ve watched your videos for over 4 years now, must be even longer than that! But yes you are continuously someone who everything you post, I love to just chill out and watch, you are so genuine and funny and I will always watch your videos ✨

  7. Your makeup is beautiful today and i’ve always been able to tell how authentic you are on this channel by how genuine your facial expressions are and stuff like that, I can really tell you’re a lovely person. Also I feel you on “they never expect the quiet ones” cos one time in school people were throwing around fun snaps and the teachers got so annoyed they said they were gonna search everyone’s bags in a classroom two at a time and I was shitting myself cos I had weed in my bag but me and my friend were called in like first and the teacher just glanced into our bags and then asked us if we knew who it was. We said we didn’t then were told we were allowed to go so that was good

  8. I hate the fact that you don’t have more viewers or subscribers, I’ve been watching you for about 4 years now and I’m very sure I’ll keep watching you… you are definitely my favorite YouTuber. You’re so authentic and sweet and you’ve helped me so much with body confidence and being myself💕 you honestly deserve so many more views❤️

  9. The kinky one, probably comes from the video if you and neesy, when you where you doing truths. You said in that video that your quite kinky 🤣, but it’s quite nice to see you are sweet and that your not fake, honestly you don’t give off any bad vibes even if you are into that in your privacy. It’s perfectly normal anyway, but you probably know what I’m saying. But the way you explained the night owl thing, was perfect, I do a school cleaning job and love it to death, I don’t have to get up early and I still do things that gives me an income and I don’t have to be a morning person, cause let’s face it mornings are hell 😂 but I also do other creative jobs, to earn my keep, but I wonder if creative people are night owls and more practical people are morning larks. But just do you, cause it’s working, you make me and loads smile and feel better about themselves, so keep doing you. X 😁love your hair and make up. X

  10. I feel like I keep commenting on your videos lately haha. To be honest I had a bit of a tough evening having a bit of a breakdown and upset but then sat down with a takeaway with my boyfriend and watched this video. And omg this video was just what I needed to watch, so inspirational. Love your gurrrrl and it's so great to feel like there is someone else out there so similar to me. I always look forward to your videos 🙂 xx

  11. Can i just say your hair colour looks so incredible! I love your channel so much it is my number one favourite to go to on youtube. Never stop doing what you are doing Ellie! keep doing you. 🙂

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