WOMAN WEEPS OVER SOULS IN HELL | Sis Linda Rika's Testimony



  1. There is no one in hell at the moment, Judgement day hasn't even come…people believe this rubbish because they don't read their bibles…hell will be when Jesus comes the third time to destroy the wicked, do you really believe a God of love will burn people for thousands of years….Im glad i dont serve your god

  2. Yes, hell is real and the punishment is eternal fire and torment, yes, hell is a place (and eventually the lake of fire and brimstone) where people will go at the end of a Christ rejecting life but no, people do not go to hell (or heaven) and come back to yell people about their experience. Please read Luke 16 where the rich man wants to do this very thing and is denied. They (like we do) had Moses and the prophets and if they believe not God's word then they would not believe one that comes from hell to warn them. I believe the bible and not this nonsense.

  3. Bullshit.She has been nowhere and God has taken her nowhere.Fake Prophet like the rest of the Houses of the Dead.(churches).The Cross = Death an Idol of Death,any church that sports a Cross,Crucifix,Or Person,Or House,Or Room is a Place Of the Dead,and of the walking Dead.
    Dump your Cross's and Crucifix's where they belong in the Bin.
    Your body is the church of Christ,the rest are satans houses of the Dead.
    You should Fear the Noahide NWO Laws that on now on the books.Get ready to stand for Christ,obumma's Guillotines are being sharpened for the Christians of USA and worldwide.

  4. What a powerful testimony about hell! May many unbelievers come to know Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Evil is suffocating this earth. Much prayer and repentance needed. Time is running out.

  5. Indeed, islam is of satan, no doubt. Their prophet was a pedophile, rapist, murderer, bandit, liar. How does he hold up against Jesus? Do you even need to contemplate?

  6. wen-de-ya-ho🎺🎺🎷ya-ya-ya
    We are Creator’s Own 🎺🎺🎺 We Were Created by No ☝️, No Other God, No other Entity, No Jesus Christ, No Democrats, No Republican, No One ☝️ Except Our Creator!!! Man 👨 has forgotten Our Creator. Man must return to Our Creator’s Own, We are Creator’s Own. Y’all may not make it. IF YOU DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE OUR CREATOR!!!! JESUS CHRIST is A LIE. MYTH, PROPAGANDA! I AM OF THE SPIRIT OF PERFECTION AND CREATOR’S OWN!! GIVE PRAISE and WORSHIP TO NO ONE ☝️ELSE! WE ARE Still HERE ON TURTLE 🐢 ISLAND 🌴 AMERICA

  7. Muslims believe that Jésus, 'Issa ibnou Mariam( peace be upon thèm) is thé Masîh . Allah is our Lord. Humanity is already Lost Soubhan Allah al Adym

  8. I love you’re content brother good content. I use to watch all her videos speaking of her experiences etc I think I watched all of them but I stopped because all the heaven and hell visits are unbiblical and they all contradict each other. Some say the holy spirit is blue some say he is a man basically all their experiences contradict each other.

  9. Even though I am a man, when i watch videos like this i feel my heart in pains, my eyes feel with tears. Many will perish even after listerning to the warnings they will turn and ignor it. May the Lord help us not to turn against his Will. Please flood YouTube with such warnings. Jesus took enough time to warn people before about how terrible hell is. I believe that all those in hell chose to end up there. No soul leaves the earth without being warned. Please lets warn people seriously that hell is not a joke. The world is getting worster and worster.

  10. the problem in Africa is the young boys get initiated into manhood when they decide to do it usually a young age and there they are given drugs and sleep deprived and spirits are called up and they are taught to believe in their forefathers so most black people are getting in contact with demons at very young ages and they go to witch doctors for healing that calls up spirits its all their culture and its totally satanic! you get good Christian black people but not a lot there are lots of fake Christian churches in their culture too.

  11. Huh . Nonsense . And who said that we don't believe in Jesus word? We only dont take him as son of God or God himself. Islam is the true religion to all mankind if you want or not and it's going to be spread by God himself . Alhamdullih proud to be Muslim! And this just gave me headache . I stopped the video in the first minutes . So i don't know what was the bla bla in the end 😪

  12. to all the brainwashed Zionist Christians out there the Jews are anti-Christ they lie and say they follow the Torah they don't they rejected the law of Moses and rejected God Judaism is a new fake religion they follow the Talmud and Kabbalah they are totally satanic and are behind all the evil in the world!

  13. James good video. Very moving. The sense of desperation. The lord is merciful on earth. Please people call on his name and ask him what needs correction. Pray and be humble. Forgive those who do you wrong for it covers a multitude of sins and pray for them

  14. Where your soul spends eternity is in the balance right this minute, today, right NOW.
    Choose whether you want to LIVE in Heaven or die eternal DEATH in hell.
    There is no in-between folks – satan will try to deceive you …. but there is NO in-between.
    Do NOT let satan steal your soul and inheritance – he has set many deceptions to steal God's people.
    Jesus Christ LOVES us and wants to save us all. LISTEN …. He IS calling you.

  15. The souls in hell have already chosen to be there through unrepentant grievous sin. No one goes there innocently. We are not supposed to weep over them, because that is questioning the wisdom and justice of God. Rather pray and preach to the living, that souls will avoid going there because once they are there – there is no escape from it.

  16. Heavy.
    How blessed are we brethren to have the word of God freely amongst us. Let us not forget that it could of been us in the place of them. Let us cherish the pleasure of the liberty and freedom we have to read the bible while there is still a while.

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