The Halo Drive

Presented by Professor David Kipping Further reading and resources: ▻ Kipping, David (2018), “The Halo Drive: Fuel Free Relativistic Propulsion of Large …


  1. As you can probably tell, I struggled with finding a good illustration of this thing! If you have some artistic talent and come up with anything let please message me!

  2. Use a Magnetar.. If the tidal forces don't kill you, its magnetic fiels will rip the iron from your blood lol which will definitely kill you.. Only Superman is up to the job lol

  3. And then we use it to send a larger black hole at a solar system star to destroy an enemy system… or a planet at another planet? larger black holes have less mass right?

  4. Stupid fucking idiot has the dumbest idea in the history of man kind. 1st dick head… There are no black holes, there are no ships that travel using any sort of method that requires flying through space.
    2nd, you don't fly in space, if you knew anything you would know when traveling in space you create a gravity bubble using magnetic fields which cause your ship to move forward because the warp in gravity caused by the magnetic field makes ur ship as if it is always fallen which causes it to warp space and time causing you to create a ripple bending space time matter gravity and tadah you now can travel to the stars and look invisable to humans doing it but only that but now you can warp into and out of this reality and have fun scaring humans making them think your a ghost, when in fact ur not, your just someone that understands how magnetic and electric work and with understanding that you understand how to create matter or planets or stars or be God to dumb little slaves like humans
    Little sheep I guess your government don't tell you anything they just keep you poor people in the dark about everything
    You guys really need to get rid of your leaders they care not for humanity only for there selves
    Good luck sheeples

  5. I think there is a practical problem with your theory: the time dilation experienced by the crew of the starship accelerating via a binary blackhole will result in them returning to the rest of the universe 100s or 1000s of years later from the time of departure, and hence will have no way to communicate to the present that the Halo Drive actually works :o)

  6. Nice but one thing you left out is that since there is no binary stars or black holes in the neiborhood of the sun, you end up with the same problem of spending thousand of years to find one. Sorry

  7. Nothing is free so if you go faster then you need more energy to slow down.
    I do not agree to you can harvest energy from a black hole because your laser will come back to you after several years. You gain from energy but loose from time. :DDD

  8. I appear to be a late comer to this clip/channel … a couple of comments,,, firstly all of the speculation and calculation presented though mathematically accurate were hypothesized in a very specific spacetime configuration which was not defined …

    which leads to the second observation ..the constant discussion around the amount of energy required to 'accelerate' an object to a useful percentage of C is irrelevant …Why? well simply put light itself is not accelerated it is born/emitted at C and knows no other velocity … order to match or even superseded C (were that possible ) we must first defeat whatever the process is that embodies matter ( space craft) with the quality of mass thereby becoming more like a photonic wave packet I refer to this process as 'spatiotemporal dissociation' I have a suspicion that it involves the phase relationship between the electric field component and the magnetic field component (a lightwave consists of perturbations in the electric and magnetic fields (QFT) that are 180 degrees out of phase) it is my contention that mass bearing matter exhibits a different phase relationship…

    thirdly with respect to using a pair of rotating blackholes as a mirror it must be remembered that this whole theoretical framework is predicated on assumption that mass bearing objects cannot move at the speed of light and in fact reach their practical maximum acceleration well before C…that being said it is beyond unlikely that one would ever in counter a pair of the highest mass bearing objects believed to exist moving at relativistic speeds, so if a photon being massless infers that a laser beam is therefore massless and though it may be bent in the presence of a large mass bearing object (gravitational lensing) IE conforms to the geodesic of the local spacetime configuration it cannot be accelerated due to its massless condition and as such will be less energetic when received by the a detector aboard the spacecraft that emitted it due to conservation of angular momentum and though blue shifted a shift in power spectrum does not increase total energy … energy is conserved

  9. mmmmm… interresting thinking, but you are supposing that the black hole mass will not attract your vessel…. in fact, you'll need a laser "blue shifting" which will allow your ship to evade the grvity force of a black hole, which is really more monstruous that any shifted laser coud reach… instead of saying its possible please show the equations of the push that will occur on a vessel which carries enough energy to move its own mass against the gravitational forces of a black hole.. and of course will not be destroyed by the shifted laser…
    simplier, if you where right, stars, should never be abble to be absorb by a black hole, because a part of the powerful beams will always return to it and push the star in the oposite direction… although stars falls in black hole, as it was seen before and report in numerous studies…

  10. If we had the tech to get to the binary star system we probably wouldn't need the Halo drive. Also your destination… you would would need to slow down so half way there you need to start breaking. How does one get more energy out then is put in? Is light not subject to the laws of thermodynamics or the star system is the extra energy? Kind of lost on how a blue shift would give more energy due to frequency shift. Interesting video gets one thinking about strange sh*t.

  11. But how will you reach that distant black hole millions of miles away? Voyagers just left the solar system after 4 decades of being launched so reaching a black hole is gonna take what 200-300 years? or more?

  12. doesn't the proximity to this binary system would cost us time? Probably, we would be travelling in time as the spacetime around this binary system would slow the time by a great degree. I am just confused a little bit, that even if the ship manages to come just near to the binary system so that it's space-time continuum doesn't suffer the loss of time, wouldn't it be out of the trajectory required to slingshot the beam of light?

  13. Trouble is LASERs are near 70% efficient at best, so unless your energy gain from the blue shift is over the loss in energy ratio efficiencies producing the LASER beam then there is no actual gain in the system. So, we have to say it's near to 100% efficient. If you store the energy in some battery there is loss of energy in transfer to & from battery system also a energy loss to & from the energy to & from the LASER
    system energy transfer.

  14. I like the way you presented all this 🙂 all ego aside and I really appreciate that. I do understand how ''advanced'' we are :))
    Ain't it funny how movies release a tiny bit of the truth ?
    I do believe there are greater speeds than the light speed, you just need more perspective.. more than we know
      Cheers mate!

  15. Bob Lazar working at Area 51 doing a reverse engineering on alien spacecraft with anti-gravity propulsion and the element 115 had to been unknown to us and still would be unknown to us if you hadn't leaked the project that he was working on in this matter wouldn't you think we may already have the technology to go close to the speed of light if not faster given to us by the extraterrestrials that are working in direct contact with the government I'm broke at some kind of deal technology for human research like what happened at Dulce anti-gravity ships have a magnetic field like the Earth that protects them an element 115 is like the coronal ejection of the Sun with the same amount of energy that was initiated they figured out the relationship that certain elements of the three combined produce the formula we have yet to discovered even if we knew all the elements it's putting it together how it's received how to initiate could come from the mind far superior than hours that may have been integrated and our species I like dinosaurs to them so they give us the technology but they don't give us the way or the means how to put it and even if we did can man travel that fast I don't think so

  16. Okay. So I stumbled across this channel today. 2:30 some minutes in. Im impressed by your work. So I decide to check out your channel, and the “About” section.

    And damn.

    Ya’ll are some impressive folks!

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