1. Do me a favor take one motherfuking plant don't fuk with it just don't fuk with it if you want bend it over but don't fucking cut it I don't know why everybody out there figures cutting cutting cutting let's talk this plant let's take all the popcorn out check this one out when you grow a plant you don't fuk with it maybe you bend it over that's all you do that didn't over not taking any anything away from it that by the time I bend my plant over at 6:50 tall and I've got 28 branches coming off the plant so when I bend it over I got it I got 28 branches that are going to pop up and go straight up again but they're already three foot long so all the bottoms of 3 foot lunch when I pulled a plant over my 3 ft long amount they're popping up in 3 days until 3 between footlong don't cut the plant don't talk to plants if you want a plant that's going to be a natural plant natural don't cut it say one plant even if you got a plant that's on morphodite or not a morphodite excuse me bad words midget at any plant that won't grow big take something like that then don't cut the fucking plant that's good someone got the seeds I got enough sees my own but I tried to be a a Snivy and try to get some seeds from you and it didn't work and I'm looking at buying a trailer a little trailer that you can actually camping and it's like a pop up the trailer pops up into like a V it's a little teeny trailer but when you pop it up one side goes up in the back side goes up and it looks like a tent but it's actually a trailer something about buying it all right man the Stewart Hills check it out what's the hills behind you it's called the Stewart Hills gotcha have a good day

  2. Congrats to the Dirty Boys drawing winners. Much love and good wishes with your grow. GREAT looking ladies bro. Hitting some Dr Grinspoon/ Quaze this morning with ya Kali. ✌

  3. My seed starts are 2.5 weeks old and have yellow leaves. I read it could be from the ph level not being where they want it. I’m on well water with a pretty high ph next watering I’m hoping to get some green back in them.

  4. Might be a long shot, i was wondering if you would perhaps like to try blue berry auto. iv seen some videos on youtube of them but none actually give nice quick and good detailed explanations. my auto blueberry right now i need to transplant once i get my grow box put together as is shes looking pretty dark leafs bottom 2 have actually started to curl like claws but up not down while going burned brown, have i defs over watered ? im 99 think i did the other was i know i put a lil to much extra N juice in my water, is there a way i can save plants like this faster in the future ?

  5. Good morning brother growmie and growmies.. What happened with the last few videos ? Girls are looking really good. Sorry for the late response . my wife has epilepsy and having siezues so we have not been watching your YouTube videos. Just got up and saw that the videos had been deleted . Bummer..

  6. Hey I have some seeds that I got from a friend and have no clue what they are. I was wondering if I should top until I find out if they are Male or female or start topping when they show sex?

  7. congratulations to the winners ! dude quick question, do you recommend doing stalk splitting on every plant, im coming towards harvest and would like to prepare as best as possible. can stalk splitting be done on any plant ? when would you not do it, ive watched your tutorial and im still just alittle concerned drilling holes into my plant!

  8. Kali your leg fell off……. April fool lol shout t dirty Boyz keep tokin and coffee drinking your girls look beautiful and a good size at this point have a great summer bruv shalom 💨💨👍

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