1. Ok lots of comments saying these aren't 'Japanese Push-Ups'… fellas saying Indian Push-Ups, Dive Bombers, Hindu Push-Ups, Judo Push-Ups, Surya-Namaskar, Jorr, Kamikaze Push-Ups, Desi Push-Ups, Dand Pelna, Zoomers, Rockers, Chinese Push-Ups, Pehlwaan Push-Ups, Akaada Push-Up, Shinto Push-Ups, Hanuman Push-Ups, Navy SEAL Push-Ups, Sun Salutations, and even… "dry-humping the floor!"

    BUT… Who is right??

  2. Joe….these are known as Hindu Pushups and were made popular several years ago by Matt Fury. Dive Bombers are down and then reverse back through using the same motions but in reverse and are a staple of Navy Seals.

  3. Looks like a dog rubbing its nut sack across the floor. But on another note. S/O to Sheamus. Met him in my hometown of Lexington, KY at my gym LAC. Everyone warned me not to go up and greet him cause they heard he "hates" fans coming up to him. But when I met him he was the nicest guy in the world. Awesome to watch workout too. Definitely a freak when it comes to weight lifting. Knows his stuff.

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