Puffology High Minded Reviews Black Mamba Indica

Puffology High Minded is all about the community of cannabis; the flower, the devices, edibles, music, art, and compassion. Get at us! Created by: B. Mark …


  1. Not to come in and be negative or kill the vibe, but smoking and combusting the weed is the true way to experience each and every strain to the fullest. The closest vaporizer to experience this with is the volcano vaporizer on a 7-8 setting. The only reason I say that, is because you can make edibles with vaped weed and still get pretty baked which means there is still a large amount of terpenoids that aren't being fully unlocked.
    I know combustion isn't as good for the lungs, but with a bong that has diffusers and percolator along with multiple chambers will filter out a huge amount of particulates that would be detrimental. Plus since it filters out alot of particulates so the smoke is much more pure so you get super baked lol
    Other than that, you seem super chill. Good review and if you ever come across Dizzy OG or Alien OG they pretty awesome and you should definately try them and see what you think. Weed can change the world bro 👍

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