Patriotism & the Government | Stand-up Comedy by Kunal Kamra

What better time to release this video than now… My first stand-up video on Patriotism & Governance. Loving your country means asking a lot of questions.


  1. if he is so unbiased why dosent he do comedy on other political parties as well. He is always after one party dat is BJP . pappu k bare mein bolega to isse kai zyada content milega

  2. Patriotism is a must for a country like India…because If Pakistan conflict was not there, then 'India' would have not been there….so it is important to talk about soldiers in Siachen

  3. Enjoyed his comedy but things he says aren't logical if you have some knowledge. ( Don't call me andh-bhakt)
    1. PAKISTAN nahi hota to tu Patroitic hota Kya? Answer 1965 war was fought between indo-china. Also India is having standoff with China in siachen not Pakistan ✌️
    2. JNU kids are just normal student. They have been studying in JNU for 11-12 years. They are opposing introduction of MBA course which will actually spoil the maoist culture. Secondly it's well known they have supported afzal guru, yakub menon. Naxalism is not just in JNU it's in 40% of India and this professers are in University like jadavpur etc.
    3. Baba ramdev came with a different agenda. No one trust baba's in country now. At least he is selling swadeshi products Which is actually better than other stuff from companies. Also creates job and economy…

    So this might be funny for politically unaware people but not some other people. 😑

  4. Kunal i m big fan of yours
    They way u describe evrything in funny way
    Superb bro
    Keep uploading videos dont worry
    Siychin mai hamare jawan ladd rahe hain😂😂😂😂

  5. Sun madarchod congress ki gaand chaatne waale…jnu me 9 February (afzal guru’s death day ) ko“students naare laga rhe the “india ke tukde honge”
    Aur bol rha hai problem kya hai???

  6. Congressi stand up Urban naxal spotted xD😂😂😂😂 talk about no taxation policy for startup there is 3 year tax exempted ,JNU abusing country and paid by congress like you and you are a guu,talk about surgical strikes ,Dokhlam stand,air strikes , current gdp ,shifts in 50 ranks up in ease of doing business ,India becoming space power now , tere ghar ke baar nahi tu Guuu hein , bhadwe mote Takle Modi will come again no matter what you’ll do and try to stop him you gathband ,ndtv,aib are shit Modi is a lion and I hope they block this channel for showing false propoganda and find out whom are you being funded by .😂😂😂😂

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