1. Wow,weed has different affects on different plp thank god that didn't happen to me when I first started, been going strong for about 15yrs it's a calmer for me,but on another note love your growup

  2. Vicky, I want to thank you for being my light in the dark. You give me such good advice, and I try to watch you everyday. You show love to everyone and I love hearing the sound of your voice when I'm depressed. You help me so much. I love you!❀

  3. GIRL the same exact shi happened to me and i smoked 3 times too and it DId feel like hell i thought i was the only one and for some reason when it happened my hands would like grasp uncontrollably

  4. weed like herbal therapy to me something I do by myself cause you need a break, you should just smoke by urself just little bits , but it's like temperature shock it change you n your body get reactive cause your senses slow down your organs wanna speed up, I knew this model Spanish chick who couldn't smoke she gets scared n her heart rate speed up like cocaine do

  5. I probably smoked like 4 weeks out the year, I use to smoke like 5 times a week, I like smoking when I ride around and listen to music or watch movies , sex I don't like it I only like drinking, some girls don't like weed it make em nervous and they heart flutter

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