Mixed Martial Arts, Cannabis and Creativity in the Ring – Kenny Florian

Retired American mixed martial artist Kenny Florian, who formerly competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), talks to former NFL all-pro Kassim …


  1. I got a short story on this. ..
    I grow landrace, ,this one variety is a solid black,,all the plant.
    A big tree male had to be took down, ,didn't want to over pollen the females.
    So,i, took the male plant home. Stripped down the leafs, ,pollen sacs and branches.
    This was the first time I've ever ran the male plant as a butane extract for dabbing.
    This put in a mood,,of enlightenment? ?alertness? ? Full concentration and if you knew somebody for a long time,,you already knew there b.s. before it even started.
    This was like getting ready for a mma fight .
    Also,the ginseng I have is very old,,gave a friend a small one inch piece. He chewed up,,said it was like drinking 5 monster drinks at once with concentration level up. The bottle neck of the ginseng plant, I understand is used by fighter's? ? By martial art fighter's, ,it's the most unstable part of the ginseng plant considered? ?dangerous? ?
    I wonder if a tincture could be made with both,, I've never tried, ,lol,,yet..

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