Marijuana emergency room visits climb in Denver hospital study

Five years after Colorado first legalized marijuana, a study shows pot’s bad effects are sending more people to the emergency room. Kim Posey reports.


  1. But never death. Still with all these weak minded folks going to the ER, none of them were in any mortal danger at any point. They were paranoid for a reason. Look around… we should all be paranoid. This world is going nuts! lol

  2. ER is literally unnecessary… just another weak news report trying to scare people for views/ratings. If you wanted this to be an educational piece you could have left the dramatic ER bit out of it, especially since all the ER would do is tell you to take a nap, if you didnt come back down while waiting to be seen!

  3. Are they including gummy vitamins for adults and children? Can be toxic if too many taken… but please drink responsibly and dont drive drunk. Smh

  4. Pace yourself, amateurs, weed's not like beer. If you want to be blotto stick to Jaegermeister, Schlitz Malt, Night Train or similar poisons and quit giving weed a bad name. None of you peasants are worthy to partake in such delicacies that are infinitely better than the swill you're used to.

  5. Headline should be 'Unnecessary edible marijuana emergency room visits climb in Denver hospital study. I guess the truth doesn't get the clicks though huh?

  6. So marijuana was legalized 5 years ago and they only looked at 4 years of emergency room visits? Yeah, go back and do a real study please. Also, there is nothing life threatening about what these people want to go to the hospital for.

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