Live PD: Meth in His Underwear (Season 3) | A&E

After an officer pulls over a vehicle for rolling through a stop sign, everything goes awry when the driver starts stuffing something into his pants in this clip from …


  1. “I have nothing Im a soccer player bro” does that not remind anyone about that Starbucks worker when she stole money from a card and she starts to make things like it’s okay

  2. Only because he wasn't black if he was black they would've took him to jail he had meth that's controlled substance and then a meth pipe drug parfanila right there I bet if I don't use anything accept for marijuana but I bet if I would of got caught up with that stuff I would go to juvie because Im black

  3. These cops have their priorities straight. No need to ruin someone's life for simple possession. Fine them and send them on their way.

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