1. Ill always be in love with someone that doesn't care to want to love me. It's okay my son is just another me on the inside,and when his mother looks at him she will always see my face,and know that she can never get rid of me,bcuz my son PERSEUS MICHAEL IS MY OTHER HALF.. I LOVE YOU JESSICA MARLENE HERNANDEZ, FOREVER. YOULL BE HAPPY I BELIEVE AND I WONT BE AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE AGAIN

  2. By far this song is her most beautiful, creative, innovative and yet super retro precious song of her. Neither any song of Born To Die or any album of her can surpass this gem. And the video, damn, the best video i've ever seen in years. Her best too, it can make you feel you're in 1967 or 2017. It doesn't matter. Years confuse and cross with each other creating a connection between them. This is my #1 always of my Queen. And idk why but i always thought this video was filmed in the beach of Venice, Italy or Sorrento. I really believe Lana was born in the 60's, died and somehow came back in the 80's. Reincarnation? Maybe. Why not? Everything's possible. She has the 60's running through her veins. ❤️

  3. If your girl replays and replays Lana like crazy crazy, start thinking what you're doing wrong or you may be single soon. Girls don't express their feelings by words most of the time when their heart gets hurt. Even if it is a simple misunderstanding. They became quiet other than telling you everything is fine. Before their love fades away.

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