1. Having the thought of quitting in your mind is just that….a thought. When you write it down, or speak it, it means much more, proven facts that shit works….Connor mcgregor being one of the best examples of that today. You say your gonna do something enough, you WILL do it. It applies to anything you do in life.

  2. i am soooooo glad i found this video dead ass! ive been smoking since i was a freshman in high school (15). ive since then graduated, may 22, 2018 & im still smoking (19) but ive REALLY been wanting to stop all together, i did for some time while i was in school but obviously started again…. he's so right! its very simple but NOT easy at all, & idc what anyone says… weed withdrawals are most definitely real, it broke me but i was becoming stronger, influence is something else though, especially when u still want it & dont have a set motive on why u want to quit smoking in the first place. but now its all different, im trying to get into nursing school, get an apartment w my best friend, really get my fucking life together. i love it! really find something that will form u & most definitely benefit u down the line. thank u for this video, im 5 ever grateful

  3. Motiviating as fuck man, really want to get my life together so imma stop, like now. Want to accomplish some goals too frfr. N im serious folk. Day 1 start tomorrow cause i smoked blunt today.
    Ill keep yall updated.

  4. Damn bro I’m frm West Phil and ths shit is so similar I’m going thru the same ish I jus got my cdl permit but my dirty system is keeping me bck frm the actual driving part smh I’m done the money is more important thx

  5. Most of don't aren't aware that anyone can quit weed within a week or so – with no cravings – without having to expose yourself to anyone. There are many ways to go about it, but maybe try googling Nemery Thentel's website if you're looking for a quick detox program you can follow in the privacy of your home.

  6. I feel like being around people that smoke weed is the ultimate test and a good thing because u have to kno how to control yourself around and when u do that you good I been clean for a month in half now all my friends smoke weed

  7. Thanks bro it’s important to help others and something so simple as making this video has helped many including me. I love weed but if for sure 100% holds u back and life is to short to waste it being high all the time.

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