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Forget about the morality and look only at the science and you come to the conclusion that vaping is categorically safer than combustible cigarettes. This is the …


  1. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years and I've vaped now for 2 years and I can say without hesitation vaping is 100 times better. I no longer have a smoker's cough, I no longer stink like cigarettes, I no longer have ash in my car or balcony, I no longer get winded running up a flight of stairs, and I no longer have to pay $6-$9 a pack. Cigarettes kill, there's no question about that — There's 70 years of research, studies, and fatalities that confirm this. Vaping, while a new phenomenon, has zero side effects over the 2 years I've been doing it, so IMO, there's no question of which option is better.

  2. I remember my first actual inhale of tobacco. Oh, my head was spinning and after I went back inside I felt sick. Not sick enough to stop though. I was hooked. 47 years later I finally found an alternative that worked.
    I've been smoke free for about 4 months now. No interest in smoking now. This is the best thing I've ever used as a smoking cessation device. Typical response from ignorance must be answered with facts. I try to explain that cigarettes burn and the last thing you want in vaping is anything actually burning! Vapor is the exhale, not burnt leaves. Education is the only answer with the facts. Help to teach people what your doing and why. Try to explain the difference.
    Remember: At one time we literally burned people for Witchcraft! We have to teach people properly about this new product. Peace out.

  3. i smoked for 41 yrs… roughly 20 yrs of that was after i had a part of a lung removed due to smoking. my mother died of lung cancer in 2006 and my sister died of the same thing in 2010. i continued to smoke. i bought a starter kit in 2013 and threw away my cigs and haven't touched one since. thanks to vaping i now feel i have a future, no matter how long that is i feel free now…and that's a very good thing.

  4. 27 year smoker, haven't touched a cigarette for 9 months. Vaping 24mg juice now down to 18mg (500ml bottle). I walk my dog further without getting exhausted my breathing is so much better and regained my energy.

    P.S in Australia i was paying $36 for a pack of 30 cigarettes, so ive saved alot of coin too.

  5. I smoked for twenty five years and tried everything patches sprays gum lozenges I even tried dipping and wound up hooked on both picked up a vape and I was able to quit tobacco altogether no dip and no cigarettes in almost a year vaping is the ONLY thing that actually worked the most amazing thing was how is easy it was to quit using the vape. i never told my doctor i started vaping only told her i quit smoking she says my lungs sounded better my blood work was better my blood pressure is down I'm not saying vaping is safe if you are a non smoker good for you dont vape dont smoke either what i am saying is vaping is less harmful than cigarettes and no one will convince me otherwise.

  6. Its funny, cus if big pharma sells you an inhaler to help you quit smoking, it must be safe, and no one is bothered by it. But if a indie company sells a inhaler that is proven to be just as safe as big pharmas inhaler, then its the same as smoking and will kill you… Funny Big Pharma also gives people life endangering pills and medicines that have proven to kill people, or cause them to be homeless drug addicts… Thing is of course they won't support vaping, that would mean they lose money on their stop smoking aids.

  7. Great Video! Cigarette companies get away with incorporating all kinds of chemicals in the combustible product.
    …. as i take my next vape 😎🚽..

  8. Its been 6 years since i switched from smoking to vaping. Now my teeth are white and stronger. My lungs are pink and i experienced a boost of energy. It saved my teeth and most importantly my life.

  9. Vaping stopped me smoking 20 a day, and Fizzy Wild Berries is better than any disgusting smelly cancer causing cigarette. If you reading this make the change you know if makes sense, just make sure you buy quality liquid without Diacetyl and it's way more safer than cigarettes.

  10. 31 yr smoker. Smoke free now because of vaping. Started at 16mg nicotine dropped 4mg nicotine every other month. Only use 0mg now.
    Health is so so much better. Breathing. Feel best I have ever felt. Foods taste better. Don't stink like smoke. Save so much money $$$.
    And most time dont vape most of the time now.
    Win win win!!!!
    Let people vape and quit smoking. Saves lives.

  11. Love my vape. I'm 49. Been smoking since 18 yrs old. So 27 years years! I quit smoking over 1 year ago. I vape. One thing about vape is the fact that it's easier to quit smoking with vape. It's hard to quit vaping. There's nothing to replace it with. Also all the medical doctors who have an opinion is fine and well. However I want the science. Where are the science community? I want a study on how many free radicals entering my system via my vape usage.

  12. As an ex smoker of two packs a day, having switched to vaping 5 years ago, I can attest to the fact that my breathing is vastly improved. Vaping is much less harmful than smoking. As far as the batteries are concerned, in almost every case the batteries were being improperly used or the wrong batteries were in the device. It is vitally important to know the amps your device draws and choose the battery that can reliably handle the load. Common sense is needed to use these devices, or any device that uses lithium ion batteries. All lithium batteries are not the same either, as some can handle higher current, where others can have a higher MAH to last longer between charges. In general, the higher the MAH rating, the less amps it will allow safely. If you are dealing with a very low resistance build and running it at the higher watts, you need the lower MAH, higher amp batteries. If however, you are using a build that is lower wattage, you can use the higher MAH batteries. In both cases, only the safer IMR batteries should be used, never use the ICR batteries in a vape device. As to why some studies have suggested that vaping is more dangerous than smoking, you need to see how they came to that conclusion, and why they got the results they wanted. In test setups they used these devices to the point that it was essentially getting dry hits, at which point it is vaping burnt cotton. In actual use a dry hit is not something a vape user would continue to vape. These very flawed studies were paid for by a combination of the tobacco, pharmaceutical, and State governments. Those all have a vested interest in reaching that conclusion. The lost revenue due to smokers becoming vapors is very real, Cigarette taxes are a huge chunk of State and Federal tax revenue. The loss of cigarette sells is causing major issues with the big tobacco industy, as is the loss of sells to cessation products to pharmaceutical companies. Their study data is mainly influenced by these self serving entities losing the income from smoking.

  13. It’s very fascinating. I smoked for 55 years and have suddenly quit cold turkey. Don’t even want a cig and know I can take a vape puff if I have a craving. Will be switching slowly to no nicotine vape. We’ve gone from 100 puffs of cigarettes in two days to 5-6 puffs of vape in two days. Lungs and throat feel a thousand percent better.!!🤗👍

  14. My husband recently quit smoking by taking Chantix. I'm sorry, but the side effects of that drug (vivid/3D dreams and nightmares, and some anger issues that he thankfully kept under control…don't need two hot-heads in one house) made me realize it is not for me at all, besides the fact it is contraindicated for me because I am prone to relapses of major depression. My husband was about a pack-a-day smoker. He had his last cigarette almost 2 weeks ago and took his last Chantix this past Sunday (the vivid dreams have stopped, thank goodness). I smoke about 10-14 cigarettes a day. I ordered a Mig-21 from Mig Vapor and it will be in Monday. I had an electronic cigarette from Eluma, but that company went out of business unexpectedly and, when I tried to recharge it, the battery would not take a charge at all. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my Mig-21 coming in on Monday and starting my journey to get off of the "icky sticks". My husband said that his taste buds have changed a lot, and I expect mine will too, although I have always been able to taste things that he couldn't or he got a different taste than I did. He has been coughing, which he never did before quitting smoking, and that is likely his lungs expelling any gunk it had built up. I don't have a smoker's cough. In fact, the only time I cough is when either liquid "goes down the wrong pipe" or my postnasal drip is so bad that it gags me. Otherwise, no coughing at all, and I can speed walk without any breathing issues. So, I figure now is as good a time as any to get off the cigs before I do start having issues associated with tobacco products. I don't like the vapes that put out a ton of vapor, which is why I got the Mig-21 (it's more like the amount of smoke a cig produces). I can also use it in my car and not worry about stinking it up (I don't smoke cigarettes in my car for that very reason because I have nonsmoking friends who ride in it sometimes, as well as a now non-smoking husband, and I want to be considerate of nonsmokers). I have smoked since I was 25 (now 49). My husband, who is the same age, started smoking around age 15.

  15. I am over 40. It's been only 2 weeks since I converted to Vaping. I had been smoking for just over 20yrs. Within a week I felt highly energetic, my stamina was back, ran a few Km for the 1st time in my life and my sense of smell has increased dramatically.

    Go figure what's best for you.

  16. It works I'm smoker 24yrs an I'm clean almost month now I just started an it works government lies an ther evil if it bad for u they indors it but if it helps your health it's bad by goverment hummmmmmmmm that explains it ther it's Satan in control of are nation

  17. I was smoking 2-3 packs a day for 40 years. in recent years my lungs couldn't take it no more and I felt the END is near. I switched to Vape. and I have not touched a single cigarette since.
    I have NO craving for cigarettes No More. if you want to give yourself a new lease on life. this is the way to go. Highly recommended for all smokers.
    you should always have 2 Vaps. make sure you buy one that you can see the liquid level and color. keep the atomizer full as much as possible. don't let it go dry or you'll burn the coil.
    good luck. stay safe

  18. Quote; "Forget about the morality and look only at the science and you come to the conclusion that vaping is categorically safer than combustible cigarettes." This is only true IF you start with the flawed assumption that cigarettes are harmful to health and you actually ignore the 'science' about smoking other than anti-smoker 'science'. If we look at the science we actually find that smoking has NEVER been proven to cause any ill health. The only 'science' that suggests such is mid C20th epidemiological (statistical) 'science' and repetitions of same. NO other methodological approach eg Hard clinical science or Random controlled intervention trials, corroborate those old statistical data. In fact they often contradict it. The only conclusion is that vaping is no more, and no less 'dangerous' than smoking.

    No lives will be, or ever have been, saved by quitting smoking or replacing smoking with vaping. In fact the opposite is more likely to be the case! Such is the power of anti-smoker propaganda that many will find that statement counterintuitive, so a few facts need to be repeated;

    While smoking tobacco has declined to a fraction of what it was, say 60 years ago, so-called, smoke related illness continues to increase at a racing gallop. One in two of us can expect to develop some form of cancer today and lung cancer has grown to be the biggest of those cancer killers. Over 80% of new lung cancers today will develop in NON smokers (ex and never smokers). A recent US study (Cindy Mong et al, UCLA 2010) showed that only 11.3% of lung cancers were in active smokers, 23% in never smokers and 65.7% in EX-smokers – most of whom had not smoked for a mean 18 years. So, NEVER smokers get DOUBLE the amount of lung cancers compared to CURRENT smokers! but it is QUITTERS who suffer the most.

    The message, if any, should be that 'Quitters never Win, Winners never Quit – QUITTING KILLS'! There can be several other adverse outcomes as a RESULT of quitting that include triggering numerous autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, arthritis, thyroid problems, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, melanoma etc. etc. As a heart surgeon, Dr Gopal should be aware that smokers are more likely to survive hospital, with better out comes, after a stroke or heart attack. This has been known for decades (referred to as a 'smokers paradox' – one of many!)

    There are many other benefits that tobacco smoke (and nicotine) bestows on smokers (too many to list), so vapers may also benefit to a certain degree too. Not least is the fact, according to scientific research and anecdotal evidence, that smokers actually live LONGER than non smokers, and retain sharper brains for longer, despite hyperbolic anti-smoker claims; eg. Northwestern University neurologist Emily Rogalski.(feb 2018) identified what she termed 'super-agers'; "SuperAgers are people who live for a long time, and who also live well for that time period. It's not just about living forever you want to be as healthy as possible while you're alive, and apparently, these SuperAgers (who were found to be only around 5 percent of US population) are doing just that." She found that 71% of the 'super-agers' were SMOKERS and 83 % regularly drank alcohol.

    We need to raise awareness that current 'Public health' campaigns against smoking AND vaping are now based on little more than rigid dogma that are having the opposite effect on actual health, with some very serious adverse consequences.

  19. ive been smoking for round 20 years, and now been vaping for 5 years this may 2019. i would never go back to cancer cigs. now i cant stand even smelling cig smoke. they should have done this years ago. but the dr is correct totally 100% and that the tobacco companies don't want you to stop because of the money.

  20. I Smoked for 11 years. Been wanting to quit since the first week that i started but failed. Finally vape helped. Not for long but 3 weeks without smoke which feels great. Started with 6mg nicotine juice which seemed to be the same amount on a regular cigarette. Craved many times. few blow of 6mg juice and the craving disappeared. After 2 weeks down to 3mg. Personal experience, it works and intend not to smoke ever again.

  21. A cigarette contains many chemicals besides nicotine!! So yeah i would use the vapor, which you have without nicotine nor chemicals which is what kills you. Just saying.

  22. Is burning tobacco leaves toxic for your body? Yes, of course. But the question should be: Is burning a substance (any substance) toxic for your body? Yes, of course. The result of combustion is the production of toxins. That is true for wood stoves (logs), for cooking (sugar, oil,…), for cars (waste gas) and generally everything combustible. Even candles and incense. And all this toxins are carcinogenic. Vaping only produce carcinogenic toxins if the vape juice is heated up to the point where it combusts. Or if the coil is not changed regularly (coils with layers of gunk may release some carcinogens when heated up to the point where the gunk combusts).

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