1. Listening to the lady she doesn't sound like a real Jamaican, she sounds like someone from another country, that came to Jamaica and grew.I was born in the garden parish of Jamaica, because of the different kinds of vegetations.My grandmother useto teaches us about the names of the herbs, and what are there main purposes for your body.That herb I saw her showing about pepper hiller,in most parishes. People may called things differently ,but some of us do understand each other. But some of us Jamaicans is very difficult to deal with, or very hard to understand a simple conversation. Because so people is pretending that they are the upper class of people in Jamaica, some people is saying. That they does not talked, or speaking patwa.The problem with the herbal remedies, or treatment in Jamaica. Most people is saying that they are so sophisticated to used old times bushes,they rather going to the doctor. For simple sickness such as a little cold,,there about a hundred different herbs in Jamaica which you used. But people of now a days generation, is very reluctant to used the herbs of their culture. Some people does not know that is the same herbs the big pharmaceutical companies used, but they used it in pills. Which is causing a lots of money when you goes to doctor, you must know how to used the herbs. Also any bushes you sees the goat eaten,you can consume it too.That herb she was talking about named pepper hillder,or pepper hillda.It is for gastrointestinal treatment, in my area in St,Ann that herb grow wild.I knew about most of the herbs she was talking about, but it is really nice to see someone talking about the goodness of these herbs.I would advise our people to return to their culture, and stop taking some of those medications from the pharmaceutical companies. Millions of people died from some of those pharmaceutical companies medications, so don't believe that their treatment is all perfect.

  2. Don't let other people come in there and take your things and act as though they discovered it…you know how they like to pull a Christopher Columbus on Black people.

  3. My mother thought me about a lot of these herbs now I'm passing it on to my children, we live in the states my back yd is full of herbs, thanks to our grandparents and those before, we need more people like you to teach us the use of these herbs. BLESSINGS

  4. Its amazing if I knew so much about plant, then I would make it up and set up a shop. If I could meet this lady we could go into business, or show me how to know the benefit of them.

  5. 🌞🌄🌞 Very informative 👌👌👌 I had a Rastafarian neighbor who told me to drink cinnamon-ginger tea with honey (no sugar) an I'll notice a change in my overall health…he was sooooo right!!! When I went to the doctor to do my semi-annual checkup he said "wow your cholesterol levels are great", because my doctor had told me I was borderline high cholesterol; I've being drinking this tea mixture for 3+ years now!!! This tea mixture also gives you a bit of energy, so don't drink it before going to bed!!! 😎😎😎

  6. I am looking for some herbs that will help me with the multiple sclerosis I was diagnosed with. I have tried the doctors medications and nothing has worked… I am open to using herbal remedies to help but I am unsure where to start. If you could provide any assistance in this matter that would be very helpful thank you

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