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  1. keep it growing boy and how about smoking a blunt or something cuz that's old people can't smoke them fucking bongs the weed I smoke blows your lungs out good enough anyway I don't need that thing

  2. Matt why don't you do a video on how much size and Mass you lose when you dry your autoflowers autoflowers absolutely suck you cannot do anything with them you can't make concentrate you can make edibles with it

  3. 1st Mr canuck, love ALL your vids you share, and much appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I have a question. I'm growing 10 autos. In a 15 x15 bedroom, have fans, fresh air comes from a.c. on just air using 3 leds for a total of about 1300 watts, room temp stays at about 70 to 74, rh at about 40. I'm not worried about smell at all, question is , is there really any need for an exhaust fan. Man would really be thankful for an answer. Keep it up bro, your my favorite and watch and thumbs up every single vid. Be blessed. Bryan.

  4. Prior to harvest you always place plants in two days of darkness…why? That's just one example where you say stuff but offer no explanation that would inform the beginner grower. You're getting a lot of mileage on your charm but I need INFORMATION.

  5. Love this channel Matt!! I got about 5 growshows I watch daily and yours’ is at the top brother. Down here in illegaland we need yalls advice😎

  6. Hello. I am not sure if you answered this question in one of your videos: do you have a video explaining the logistics and set up of your grow room

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