Growing Exposed Season 1 Episode 12 – Treedom

Re-uploading full episodes to Facebook and Youtube in the coming weeks, enjoy! How great would it be to grow the best buds …


  1. complete madness. keep up that attutude guys.keep the heritage important in your system. it will pay duvidends in the long term with the product standing out. we have a huge problem in canada with the naming of strains that are nothing like the originals. i.e. white widow. hopefully they get it right. dig this series.

  2. Videos like these seem to discourage people from home growing…..growing herb can be scientific but doesn't need to be…..a good light controlled environment…..a high quality soil…..some clones….and some water….and a little knowledge about light schedules and you can have some smoke to be proud of…..keep it simple stupid

  3. SOG is the way to go for high end uniform buds and yield is noticeably more ie a 2.4m x 2.4m 4 x 600w in 15l pots coco you should be hitting around 2.2kg with those sized plants. Now a SOG using 4l pots in coco you a should be hitting around 2.5 kg to 3kg. All tried and tested with the same mothers same bulbs. Turnaround was about 4 week quicker with SOG because of veg time. Hope this helps fellow growers

  4. Now the laziest, most useless dipshits who are less useful than a paramecium can spend their days smoking legally and become even l as able to exist as functioning humans. Meanwhile the rest of you deranged and equally useless fucks can parade around holding hands talking about how great marijuana is…

  5. Remember everyone… men lie women lie…. numbers NEVER lie ! And anyone in the cannabis industry still calling the plant marijuana needs to get on a cargo ship that sinks in deep water. You donkeys love money way too much.

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