Gravity Defying Technology That You Wont See For Another 50 Years

Antigravity craft are real, as you will see some of these craft are so advanced they have never reached the eyes of the unsuspecting public. We look at research …


  1. I watched this video until Victor Schauberger. Please, please to all people who broadcast those "informations" without verifying em: Victor Schauberger did never ever build a saucer or lifter or anything else around free energy or ufo engines. Please check his life and his real inventions. He also had some interesting patents. Schauberger was an austrian ranger and really had'n have anything to do with ufos, saucers, nazis etc. But: His grandson is a clever businessman and sells his grandfathers name for alot of money. This so called "repulsine" was driven by water which was filled in in the center and flowed out at the rim. Can you imagine an ufo with water coming out of it? The most of Schaubergers inventions dealed with optimization of water flow. This was probably one of them but never finished. It just looks like an ufo but it is not. Nobody have ever seen flying it, right? It's just his grandson who tells everyone the story about his grandfather, the nazis and the flying saucer.

  2. When are people going to finally learn that gravity, magnetism and light are inertial force's. They are generated differently. Magnetism is generated at micro atomic level and Gravity is generated at the macro massive level.

    As a rule of thumb I always keep in mind that one inertial force can directly affect another inertial force no matter what kind. For instance gravity bending light showing light is a magnetic wavelength but also an iertial force. When a UFO is hovers it's because they've connected micro and macro inertia together and that will block the pull or gravity of earth which is also caused by lag of inertial force.

    Let's say you have a toroidal magnetic field around your craft and a spinning superconductor in the center where the magnetic field is concentrated. It can't pass through the superconductor so it bends is flung outwards and connects up to the lagforce outwards becomes information like and outwards on the magnetic field and block's gravity causing the craft to become weightless.

    Sense the information is on the electrical system all that is needed now is to charge a Capacitor the electrons won't move across but the lagforce will push in the positive plate direction. If at 1 million volts then lightspeed is achieved.

  3. ฦืงเวลาจะสา้งบ/สจำน่ายอีลีบีเนียมกันแล้วเพือ้นตามมุมประเทดตา่งๆทีมีบอ่ เพือ่เตียมผะลิดขะหนาดยอักได้ ผมจะให้ตวยอา่งเอังโอ

  4. Here's something to ponder, if this stuff is so easy to build, why has no one built one we can all see work. After this many years, we still don't see any of these devices flying around. Don't you think the Chinese would have built an aircraft that had antigravity abilities by this time? All we ever see or here are drawings and hearsay evidence, nothing more. It's always about "what they don't want you to know" bull.

  5. Once we get past our consumerism these things will show up and we'll no longer need them to transport all of our stuff. But it would be cool to fly out to the off grid homestead or top of the chair lift. lol

  6. with all the anti gravity on u tube by now every on this planet should have there own anti gravity cad, time machine, warp drive, and an alien in the kitchen doing the dishes.

  7. The electrostatic crafts are not anti-gravity. they are Ion PROPULSION. They have a very weak propulsion hence they can't even carry their own power supply weight. Plus i resists the earth's charge. will it work in space. Maybe. YOu would have to get it up there first. I've yet to see true anti-gravity where the whole craft becomes weightless and in fact negative gravity to lift up away from earth's gravity.

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