Food For Skin Glow: Homemade Almond Milk Recipe Feat Monika Blunder | Dr Mona Vand

In this video i teach you a really easy, healthy, delicious recipe for homemade almond milk. I used to never want to make almond milk because it seemed too …


  1. @monikablunder is it still fine to use organic vanilla extract to get a satisfactory flavor? The vanilla paste you showed here contains sugar as its first ingredient, so I’m trying to avoid that πŸ™‚

  2. I love love love cows milk. In my cereal, Latte's and in the summer I drink litres at a time. Almonds – I dont love so much.
    I was however unaware that cows milk isnt good for my skin (as mine is very good I must say…) but, you both done a great job in convincing me to at least give this alternative a try. Great topic….. More please x

  3. "try to get the best quality ingredients"……….as a college student Im not about to spend 17 dollars on vaniella, mus be nice having the money to even afford that much almonds lol <3 great recipes though, but realisticlly alot of people cannot afford to "look" good like celebrities.

  4. Very simple and good recipe, but you shouldn't throw out almonds – you can use it for baking- with banana and oatmeal. And please remember that almonds has it's "dark" side for planet, especcially in California

  5. I thought Monika was wonderful in showing how the Almond milk was made. I also got your channel through watching hers. However, I don't see any links to her channel in your description box.

  6. I came across a easy machine on IG that makes any nut milk in under 2mins! I haven't purchased it yet because I'm out of the country but it looks amazing it's by almondcow u guys should check them out!

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