Experts: Americans Quitting Jobs May Be a Sign of a Booming Economy

There are about 6.7 million jobs available in the United States — the largest amount ever recorded. One America’s Cassandra Day has more on the economic …


  1. Take your jobs and shove them up your ass! And take your taxes and slave work with it! Your schools are indoctrination camps! Men don't need careers because women are not safe to marry any more because they have shown their true colors and married the government! MGTOW

  2. The problem is lack of skills and the scam that caused the air to leak from the skills balloon is called school loans. If the greedy hadn't gotten their ghoulish hands on the school loans it would be gratifying to pursue and get a degree in one's chosen vocation. They made life a drudgery a heavy sack to be carried into the grave. This then affects the quality of work also. Attitude affects the end product of everything.

  3. not my ex employer. he'll hire anyone, that is desperate for work because they're here illegally. As long as they have a piece of paper he can say they gave him for id. He keeps the wages low and over time is unheard of. he ripped me off the last 3 years I worked for him. At that time work was scarce and I had a family to support.

  4. …….It would be great to see mothers at home again, teaching morality and fairness to their children,,nice if fathers could earn enough for this to happen. ……I see the demise of society beginning when women hit the workforce in droves…Mothers used to fulfill themselves by being the best mothers , best cooks, best housekeepers,and best defenders of the home…It was wonderful to me as a child to come home from school and tell my mom about my school day , and my dreams of tomorrow.. Church , on Sunday was a given, unless you were sick or away from home.. By the time I was married , just about everywoman was working outside the home.It was the only way to afford a home , car , and all it takes to live. I know feminists are not going to like this…I don't care…it's the truth.

  5. The minimum wage is becoming less and less relevant.
    A living wage, defined as one person through a 40 hour work week, in a household of five being able to earn enough to provide for an above poverty line standard of living for that family, either is or will soon be a reality.
    A family should not have to have two people working just to be able to live above the poverty line. After the previous earning threshold is reached, it it should be a familly’s choice if they want to put more work hours in, so as to earn more money. I think it is government’s responsibility, not to guarantee this outcome, rather to pass and enforce various regulations, guidelines, and policies that foster the growth of a market based economy friendly to the beginning of and maintenance of mirco-business (those with fewer than 10 employees or single proprietary).
    Also, more manufacturing/service/info type jobs would be very beneficial, so the government needs to act in manner conducive to the growth and operation of these types of firms.
    Since, massive size monopolistic-like firms(manufacturing/service/information) generally speaking operate in a manner not conducive to creativity, the founding of new firms, and the coming up with new revolutionary ideas, the business culture should not be particularly friendly to these types of massive firms. I am not endorsing the government ‘go after’ these mega-firms, but it should be easier to start a large new firm and or grow a smaller or mid-size firm to a large firm than it is to operate a massive firm.
    In the end run this will foster a market-economy, that has, as one of its fantastic outcomes, more wages conducive to that of a living wage, (as previously defined),a family friendly economy.
    I also think the above approach would be very beneficial to individuals and families health insurance needs and so the government, generally speaking, needs to transition from providing health insurance, to fostering an market-economy conducive to the growth of health insurance firms.
    And for the very difficult to ensure hard cases those persons could either just be made honorary members of Medicaid or firms could be set up that are dual private/government firms such as are electronic providing businesses. In other words government should act in a manner that is least unfriendly to a market-economy when dealing in areas for which a full market economy does not conducively work.

  6. I don't think it's a sign of a booming economy, I think that many people think it's better to be unemployed than to work for a pittance that's hardly worth the cost of transportation to/from the job.

  7. The damage has been done! The qualified people who had the intelligence to propel society forward, had their jobs that they studied and worked for, given to unqualified, incompetent, affirmative action candidates! And they're complaining there's no good people to do the jobs! The "good" people went out and busted their ass doing other jobs to feed their families! Now there's a huge gap, and all you have is a company full of bickering women and idiots expecting a big check on Friday for just showing up!

  8. It doesn't make sense to feed and house so many able body Americans when there are jobs available.( even if a lot should be considered disabled because of their low IQ ) Disabled people can work also. I think that it's time to drastically cut welfare and tell the people that are abusing the system that having kids is not a career choice.They will not go hungry for long before they get a job.

  9. If you don't work for yourself and you work for a company or somebody else you just their slave they want to just work you so many hours overtime so you don't make s*** f*** you

  10. Big deal, more low-paying jobs at fast food outlets and Walmart. We need to bring back the manufacturing jobs so middle-class Americans can once again earn a living wage and own their own home. Pile on the tariffs, Mr. President, until the cheaters cry uncle and American companies decide to make their products in the USA again, as they did in the 1950s and 1960s,

  11. We need to let our fellow Americans who are homeless and living on the streets know there are jobs available. This is not, by any means, permission for companies to employ illegal aliens until every homeless American, living on the street, is employed…. period!

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