Colbert Links Big Pharma's Sackler Family To America's Opioid Crisis

Stephen takes a sober look at the family behind Purdue Pharma, the company that unleashed OxyContin on the world and now looks poised to make even more …


  1. Theirs a special place in heaven for the sackler family, Jesus and the poor souls that died due to your greed can't wait to see you, your family couldn't be more thoughtless and mindless to the human race, outstanding job "sackler"family…🤒😡🤕

  2. The Sackler family is a disease to this country…they have preyed on our people for long enough. Let's bring them to justice….oh and by the way, they are worth $13 Billion.

  3. (Haaaah!) Is it possible that yet another jew has been charged with massive fraud? The jewish commumity seems to be rabid with these criminal fraud artists, that think they are untouchable and above the law! God forbid anyone dares to say yet anothe greedy jew was got caught for massive fraud, because you will have the jewish community up in arms and screaming in the streets, that they are being attacked and we are all anti-semites! (And they have the audacity to actually run around telling the rest of the world, that God told them they are the chosen ones… chosen by Satan is more like it. Is there anything jews won't do, just to make a buck? The Sackler family is pure evil and an absolute waste of oxygen.)

  4. If you are the leader of a illegal drug cartel, would hope
    for more Americans to become addicted to legal opioids, the price of this legal
    medication would soon become too expensive for daily maintenance, will soon be
    forced to purchase the more cheaper street substances of which your livelihood
    depends, have only to sit back and wait for the customers to come banging on
    your doors…Pharmaceutical manufactures, prescribers, and dispensaries, all
    become top earners on the backs of the addicted…and this is the sad part to
    report, law enforcement gains can be included, infringing on civil liberties of
    us all…with massive search-and-seizure invasion’s of our homes and privacy, and
    I would be remiss if another top earner is not included, expensive drug rehabilitation
    centers…all providing a toxic undesirable mix into our lives…

  5. The Sackler Family have enriched themselves at our nations expense. They say "behind every great fortune there is a great crime" and the crimes committed by the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma constitute the greatest corporate crime in history. Hundreds of thousands have already died, entire communities ravaged, our nation's productivity and life expectancy now diminished. This family's "philanthropy" was fully funded with blood money. Those who manufactured this epidemic, including the Sackler Family in toto, should be disgorged and every cent should go to recovery and restitution of the victims.

  6. Long overdue considerations… "Glory and honour for man are not to be found in fortunes and riches, least of all in those which have been unlawfully amassed through extortion, embezzlement and corruption practised at the expense of an exploited populace." ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Baha'i Faith

  7. If you dissolve their companies, liquidate their assets, seize all their bank accounts, bar them from EVER doing business again, fine the hell out of them and send them to jail for a long time…it still wouldn't bring back all the people they killed. But it must be done. I've known at least 5 friends (veterans with severe PTSD) who either ODed or committed suicide because of this drug. Sacklers are not human, they are demons, and soon, they will be re-united with the King of unimaginable Pain and Suffering.

  8. If prescription opioid abuse is responsible for 4 out of 5 addictions, and 60,000 Americans are dying from opioids per year, this (((family))) could be responsible for 48,000 odd deaths per year.

    That's essentially a 9/11 every single month, (((Urban Moving Systems))) has nothing on the (((Sacklers))).

  9. could not understand why people are against the drug pharmaceutical that makes their beloved pain medicines. When a patient in the hospital always asked for stronger pain medicines and always prefer opioids. Give a patient a Tylenol or ibuprofen and patient will be mad. Patient watch the clock and not even a second passed due will request that pains medicine be given on time. When a patient was discharged and will accuse doctors and nurses and they made them addicted to drugs. I have watched a documentary about drug abuse and patient always accused of doctors prescribing them that make them addicted. Why just be truthful and be thankful that you have access to opioids medicine when it's not necessary you need it. I have been a nurse for fourteen years and never heard a complaint of opioids given to them when not even in pain but rate pain at 10/10 level. Pain is subjected to feeling and nurses and doctors are bound to believe patient that when patient rate their pain is 10/10 level. Doctors and nurses are required to address pain as per patient experience pain are true or not. We Doctors and nurses and pharmaceutical did not create drug crises. You and you. or let us stop blaming each other and also patient stop asking for opioids when not in pain. Please also stop asking your doctor to increase the dose of pain prescriptions and stating its no longer working. We can stop opioids addiction if you and you stop it. When a patient died and family will sue the drug pharmaceutical that makes them and doctors that prescribe them. Pharmaceutical did not lie. patient love it that why pharmaceutical makes it. Pharmaceutical need not advertise the brand. The patient will always shout " I want my pain medicine, my pain is 10/10 ( and smiling.) Give it to me or I will complain, I want to talk to the charge nurse, I want to talk to customer service. I am not getting my pain medicine." The good thing right now is to make a stronger border to stop illegal fentanyl drugs that overdosed and kill patient.

  10. The Big Pharma companies are no more than modern day cartels. From the over marketing of opiods….to the laws passed in Congress prohibiting the DEA from enforcing rules against the Big Pharam companies and their subsidies responsible for distribution. Read about the experience of one DEA agent, Joe Ranisizzi……It's truly a problem that so huge in scope I think it's going to get a lot worse than better.

  11. I may despise Stephen's nightly shilling for his globalist masters with regards to politics, culture and the economy, but this piece alone helped me regain a great deal of lost respect for him.

    The man (or one of his writers) has a conscience!
    Much appreciated.

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