Cheap DIY $2 Grow Tent!

Thanks to Cody at Nukeheads for sharing this simple yet effective idea. FULL DISCLAIMER: ** I paid $2.50CAD for these items which actually works out to …


  1. No Thanks! Ill stuck with my flatwhite paint etc… I dont know why you would need that much light in such a small space anyway. Plus $2? What store you shopping at? I mean maybe a doller tree but still pointless IMO anyway you look at it. Seedlings nor' Clones need that much light. And forget leds or anykind of hids for seedlings or cuttings anyway… CFLs are the only way to go for those… (and even maintaining a healthy Mother as well) …and you can get as much light out of them as you want with no worry of anykind of burning or heat issues or ANYTHING like that at all… Thats a fact, and even if you go as far as letting the tops (canopy) grow right into them before you raise them… Anyway, Peace Friends… & Keep Growing and Helping to Get It Legal!
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