Case Closed | Study Shows No Lung Damage from Vaping

No lung damage. That’s the key finding from the first of its kind long-term study investigating the health impacts of vaping. Conducted by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, …


  1. Big Pharma benefit off nicotine gum and patches, I've just quit smoking 20 a day and purchased a Smok 22 Vape pen 4 days now and it's easy I don't even have to try to give up. My son just quit and my sister followed suit and she said she can't believe how easy it is, no wonder they will try to stop vaping they will lose millions.

  2. Wtf, people r so full of crap, vaping is way safer then smoking, nicotine is no more Dangerous then caffeine, quit the propaganda, smokers should switch to vape and none smoker shouldn’t start vaping, i vape a little, it’s great and my medical checkups come back great!

  3. I'm ex smoker of 25 years an vaping changed my life I stopped smoking I breath better lungs are clean now they are healthy we breath worse everyday God put vaping for resolving cigarettes addiction chemicals in cigs are the poison government wants us that's why they want to outlaw it if it helps us an it's godly government wants to outlaw it can't u see it's Satan at work he doesn't want us to be healthy see it's right here in are faces vaping saved my life

  4. Thank you for this info. In the USA everything is about profits. E-cigarettes are cracking tobacco industry little by little hence all these studies in the USA are directed to scare and mislead the general population saying to use traditional methods that have a very low success rate, whereas e-cigarettes have shown to have a higher success rate to quit smoking, because secretly they don’t want the people to quit smoking and stop getting all these government impose taxes for the benefit of government, Big Tobacco and Pharma companies. Also, if the smoking related diseases decline in the next years, less healthcare, people will live longer and government will have to pay more social security. It seems that, They want us to smoke, pay taxes, get sick before 60, spend money in treatments, die and not pay SS. Who keep the money Health Insurance, Companies involved, etc.

    Nicotine damage the brain development?, haha, give me a break, if these were true, all the people born before 95, would have underdeveloped brains because smoking was allowed everywhere. Look at the recent study from the UK saying that e-cigarettes are 95% more safer. Don’t just be manipulated people. Of curse more studies are needed and long term observations, but so far, ec can not be linked to health problems in a higher percentage. At the end of the day is your decision if you continue smoking, switch to vaping or what other smoking cessation products you’d like to use. If you never smoked, don’t start or in other words, if you want to quit, vape, if you never smoked, don’t vape. Minors stay away please
    I forgot to mention “I am former smoker (27 years), thanks to vaping…easy and fun!

  5. I was watching this thing and there was a clip voice recording of 2 guys from I think the 70 or 80's and one guy is like "want a cigarette? It only causes mild forms of cancer" and the other goes "okay sure why not"

  6. I have never left a comment on anything out on Youtube before, but I must stand for the vaping community! I was a long time smoker of 21 years, and my Husband is also a long time smoker! We've both had unsuccessful attempts at quitting! I used Patches, inhailers, gums, Herbal supliments, Chantex, and the list goes on and on. Each time I got frustrated and went back to smoking, and throughout each process it was a constant struggle! My Husband never could quit for more than a few days, and went back to smoking! Within one week of vaping, both me and my Husband have since been smoke free, and are already breatheing better, feeling better, and my blood pressure is normal for the first time in years! We are three months smoke free and are loving it! Vaping is so much better, healthier, and smells better too! Most importantly, neither one of us miss that nasty smoking habbit! Oh, and I love my flavored EJuice, and so does he. We try new ones each month. We got our Dad, a long time smoker to start vaping too, so he is now off the smokes. So, vaping works, and it does not cause the health risks that smoking does. All of this scare is just propaganda in my opinion!

  7. I just want the truth. I quit smoking with juul been 3 months. I overdue to juul when I'm drinking but I've felt heart flutters and lightheaded after hauling on juul…

  8. Dude people will just make there own flavoured e liquid. If a kid wants to try something they will no mater what you do. Banning flavours will just make people go back to cigarettes and the health of a billion smokers is more importantant than the couple hundred thousand kids and teens who may try vaping because of flavours…

  9. It comes down to this…Yul Brenner said to us as he was dying :whatever you do just don't smoke" I found the JUUL and it got me off a not regulated habit from the 70's. All you needed was some pocket change and pull the handle and out came your smokes.Now with that habit the boys have taxed it to the max.So sorry you can't smoke in the bar because it my is now against the law.Give me Yul VS JUUL..vaping is not right but the nicotine is addicting but it will not kill you.The smoke of the smoke to get you the nicotine will kill you just quit the hell and the stink!

  10. Smoked for 14 years and started vaping 3 months ago.. not a single cigarette since! I feel much better.. more energized, breathing better and no nasty smell in my breath or clothes!

  11. True, vaping kept me from smoking a pack of camel a day and I can feel the health benefits: no more wheezing, got my taste and smell back and I feel better in general. Also no more filthy ashtrays, ash on the ground/keyboard or burn marks in the carpet/clothes. I'm not suggesting it's 100% healthier but I'll take my chance even at 60%.

    All this grotesk propaganda against vaping comes from the tobacco / farma industry.

    Furthermore the stepping stone theory is utter BS. Even if vaping didn't exist the youth who wanna smoke will smoke. Speaking from experience.

  12. I would live to see the mentioned science that proves that nicotine has ANY influence on the brain of under (or over) age 18 humans. Most smokers began smoking between the age of 12 and 16. Millions and millions of brain-damaged people? Not to my knowledge. I was 12 when I became a smoker. Now I'm over 50 and my brain works perfectly fine. Just like the brain of any other smoker. Please people, think! Don't always take what you hear for a proven fact. Use your own brain. That's what it's there for!

  13. My husband and I smoked a pack a day for 35 years. We are tobacco free for four months now and have reduced the amount of nicotine we use along the way. We tried all the patches, gums, lozenges, etc. none worked. Vapor for life!

  14. Befor i started vapeing my day started snuff coffe first thing now its cbd first thing for pain then coffe and later way later a little snuff .i vape nic0tine to get my fix has cut me way down have tryed everything from a to z vapeing works for me i vape cbd for pain and im not putting poison pills in my body

  15. I am a non smoker. I do not smoke anymore. Though 6 7 months ago I was smoking a pack a day. Started about 2010. How did I quit? Cold turkey. Bombard your mind with the negativity that cigarettes are. Death disease coughing soggy ashes tar chemicals harming children being a bad role model damaged Organs. Truth commercials. People talking with a box. Money money money. Make a pie chart. Factory in all monthly expenditure. Factor %. Smoking took up more of the pie than all of my utilities. Ludacris. No way. Day 3 of cold turkey. Go to bar and throw yourself into the helm of the beast. Bring all of your lighters. Have a few drinks and go to the smoker section. Now the fun part. I don't smoke anymore because I'm not a bitch like this guy. Give him a lighter. I no longer smoke because smokers are bitches. Hand em a lighter. Give them all out. You are now no longer a smoker and the withdrawal will diminish. You will start to feel benefits from quitting. At the end of every month buy yourself a gift because nonsmokers deserve gifts. Thank yourself

  16. I’ve never smoked cigarettes but I do vape, I have for 1 month now and I have not really felt any different from before I started vaping. If anything I feel more relaxed.

  17. lets just ban CIGARETTES!!! oh, we don't know all the risks for vaping yet…. well there is one thing that we know A LOT of the dangers of…. CIGARETTES!!! instead of banning vaping, lets ban the PROVEN killer of MILLIONS A YEAR FIRST!!!! this kind of video is stupid and uninformed…

    And P.S. smoking cigarettes will NEVER be banned because of the BILLIONS that big companies make off of it and all of the healthcare centers that would go out of business were there way less cancer patients. try again with your scare propaganda.

  18. The FDA et al … are hand in hand with the Big Tobacco and Pharma Companies. They don't give a fuck about your health … They are all driven by big profits. They will do ANYTHING to stop interference with Big Business profits. (and yes, they have even murdered or imprisoned people to protect said profits) …A Global SCANDAL.

  19. dude… this argument about kids?? wtf?? what about booze? you can buy a booze with 9 years old for your daddy and drink the whole bottle and would fuck that kid life… lets ban alcohol too than!! fuck the cig industry!! they are scared as hell as they old users are leaving more and healthier!!

  20. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than 80,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States. And alcohol continues to be one of the nation's most preventable causes of death. SO why not the ban on alcohol????

  21. Same crowd as the hemp lie had the whole world believing their propaganda, Dea should be hang from lamp posts, despicable parasites after easy dollar.

  22. you know why they say the vape is so dangerous it's the tobacco industries will lose out big time and the government will lose out tax revenue vaping is 110% better then smoking as there is 7k in dangerous products in smokes and in australia the DEAREST EXPENSIVE country in the world and a packet of 20 smokes are $35 aud

  23. British American Tobacco and Altria's e-cig warnings both state that the vapor contains glycidol, which causes cancer. Why anyone would think vaping is safe is insane. Do you really think sucking in a cotton wick that burns and some liquid produced in China with no regulations is safe? If so, you my friend are a complete idiot. Lastly, most smokers don't die of lung cancer. They die of heart disease from nicotine. Nicotine releases fat into the bloodstream causing arteries to block over time. This causes strokes and heart attacks. Also, nicotine causes the formation of new blood vessels which promoted cancer and tumor growth (Stanford University study). The only ones promoting vaping are the vaping community that sells this stuff to you. They could care less about your health. My friend owns a vape store and I asked him what e-juice he vapes. He told me "I don't touch this shit." So there you go. Even this youtube channel is biased. They pin the top pro vaping comments to the top of the page and clearly show their bias, which negates any journalistic ethics that may have been present. This causes credibility loss.

  24. Teen from pensylvania develops 'wet lung' after vaping for just 3 weeks…Her doctors diagnosed hypersensitivity pneumonitis, or "wet lung"…her breathing actualy stoped because of the liquid entered her tiny airsacks in lungs called alveoli……i am also a vaper but our brain is programmed only toaccept information that always support our ideologies and ignore the rest

  25. From wiki: Polosa has been a consultant for the e-cigarette distributor Arbi Group Srl.[1] According to a paper published in BMC Public Health he is, as of 2014, the most prolific author in the field of electronic cigarettes.[2] He is also the author of the first prospective randomized study with a control group that evaluated the efficacy and safety of electronic cigarettes on a sample of 300 smokers unwilling to quit.[3]

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