Alpha Male Strategies The BEST Interview | Master Mind Game For Women & Life

Alpha Male Strategies like you’ve never heard him before. More than talking about game we talk about life, self improvement, business, and conquering your …


  1. Stumbled on this challenge and thought I needed to hear what other shit games men play…guess they'll f… till till their dick falls off or they get old and tired.
    I got a son 36 yo 6ft 3 some say he's a 9.
    Pumped as hell and I'm sick of him moaning about some bitch he
    can't get over…I'm sick of this shit it stinks so much I don't know what the f…to do about it…
    I'm just visiting for the holiday and can't nurse him through this
    I don't know voodoo to get her off him ..she pull him in then push him out..I know this game!
    His dad passed when he was young
    I learned somewhere that I should "raise a son to be like the man you want to marry " this probably backfired..he is gainfully employed and paying a mortgage…I'm trying to get him to listen AMS…he doesn't want to…Heeeeelp

  2. That was reeeefrreesshinggg. That's how real men interact with each other. Productive, no hating, bigging each other up, sharing pure value. I'm so proud of you two brothers. Thank you

  3. Great information to take away . . . even for women! It's hard on the ears for ladies, but we have to remember it is a channel for men. Thanks again for the inspiring information.

  4. I’m from Brooklyn east ny, was considered a street cat , by way of dressings, talking and behavior. I was always a laid back type of guy so the transition was a little easier for me to change to a man. I tell my friends if you look at a picture five years earlier and you still look the same, then you are not moving in growth. Men stop wearing uptown’s, fitted Yankees hats and Jordan’s A nice pair of converse will do fine

  5. Hey AMS , I wish I knew you about 2 years ago before I decided to live with my current girlfriend/baby mama. We have 1 child together and she has 6 other children from past relationships. and I find myself taking care of all of them. All my recourses and energies are being depleting just being with this woman and her children( beta male provider) . since I been watching your videos, I have been building strengths and confidence by staying on my purpose. Now I don’t feel guilty anymore when am having a spicy schrimp diner at my favorite restaurant by myself I am in search for my own crib and will be moving out soon. My question for you is how can I keep a sexual relation with her without the responsibility of her bills , children and shit? The pussy really good though! Lol

  6. I love the way a nice clean cut guy carries himself. I love the way Kevin looks. I think you are hot also. You both look clean and neat. I hate the way a lot of men look today, their hair is standing on end, pants hanging down, a lot of them look like runaway slaves. I hate dreads, twists or whatever that crap is. Look back at black men back in the day, they looked clean and neat and would die before they would be caught without a nice haircut and clean clothes.

  7. What these guys are doing is what sellout Steve Harvey should’ve been doing. You’ll never see a woman go mainstream teaching men how to control & get the upper hand on other women like Steve is doing to men.
    I would actually like to see AMS on the Steve show.

  8. So true. I started working out five months ago and the results are showing. The more they do the better I feel about myself and the more confidence I have. I haven’t tried dressing up yet, but maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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