Your Take: how did Guam feel about legalizing adult-use cannabis?

Jason Salas peeks into our comment threads to who you how the online community reacted to the legislature passing the bill for adult-use cannabis on Guam.


  1. I think that this whole cannabis situation has gotten WAY off track!! We started off trying to get it legalized for serious health issues for kids/people in later stages of cancer or those with seizure disorders, nausea, etc. Yes it passed, but only half-assed! People can only get enough to last their sick children enough for a couple weeks, & that's it! Then its back to doping them up with narcotics which will kill them faster than cancer!
    NOW… THAT issue gets put on a back burner, & all of a sudden it's more important to pass it for RECREATIONAL USE?!?! That's pretty f-cked up! How selfish can people get!? All u fkn potheads go talk a walk through the halls of your local children's hospital, and then go fight for YOUR "right" to smoke weed just cause you cant handle your everyday life!

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