1. Ty😇 ismoke! You! actually gave a review! on the effects! I've been through three videos? Getting mad? that nobody would give a review on the effect thank you I am going to order this in an oil or in a wax?I've never tried this strain before? and I appreciate your review! Every other video was concentrating on the type of cartridge? or the type of Bud? So thank you for reviewing the effects! nervous about buying a new strain?😇

  2. Currently smoking on this strain, love it! Rather this over ak47 and NYC sour diesel, but northern lights and girl scout cookies are my fav hands down 🙇‍♂️

  3. white widow and green crack are my top picks… i tried white widow for the first time in 10th grade…. it gave me very creative ideas and spiritual views and concepts

  4. NJ is supposedly gonna get recreational soon in 2019 and I really hope the bill pulls through. Im only 19 but ive been waiting sooo long to get legit strains and to know what im actually smoking. NOt just the dealer telling me "ya bruh its chemdawg dawg" when in reality its some mids

  5. That looks nothing like the white widow I use to get back in the 90s, the white widow I use to get was covered in white trychomes and a light lime green under. I wonder why nobody has that strain of white widow anymore.

  6. I love watching your videos m8. Tho I'm wondering how u get all your weed, are u sponsored? Also, I live in Cornwall and weed is really hard to come by. Do u or any one else have any tips for finding some? Any help would be awesome

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