Weed Grow Operation Set Up – Grow Space Options

Learn what equipment you need for a weed grow operation set up. Learn why it’s important to grow your plants in a contained space, the benefits and drawbacks …


  1. Hello. I wanted to tell you about a better option that's cheaper and easier than using tents or building a permanent grow, and with add benefits to a perm grow room. I am building my first and from my own concept, I will be building a solid wall room(4×8) within my 10×10 bedroom using 1 inch 4×8 sheets of styrofoam insulation board, drywall screws and washers, framed in $1 yard sticks once the box is complete, and 4ft rolled reflective mylar tack then taped on the interior once the seems are all taped up. Holes will be poked for wires hanging from ceiling studs to hang lights, six in. ducting will vent to the attic via $10 clip on fans from walmart that can easily incorporated inline. The intake vent will have extra ducting on the exterior with a filter at the end, so I can fine tune the temp by where in the room I place the filter.(i.e. near a space heater or my rooms ac, or at different temps.) The 4×8 sheets are only $11 ea. and 9 will make a 4x8x7ft.h., with one extra interior wall to seperate veg from flower. I reckon once done, the whole build will be under $200US, without the lighting, total. Thank you for your videos and hope you can pass this concept to others as thee best option for indoor grows. ( ; ) )p.s. Only mod to room will be a six inch hole in ceiling for exhaust duct to filter in the attic, you can keep the slug and use it to repair hole if ever need be.

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