Watch While High Trip Your Ass Off 3D Tripppy 1080HD visuals

Sit Back. Relax. Meditate. Contemplate. THINK. Trip Out. And Enjoy….. SHARE THIS VIDEO ~Watch in HD~ Subscribe! ‘Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 …


  1. Wow! so many era, s to go through? How do I still want to be high????
    Secretly once every month or so?? 9 years sober … ish! Have a line or smoke on occasions but still think the high times were the best times!

  2. No substances needed, to revisit the worlds you've already paved roads to, within your mind. All you have to do, is tune in to the right frequency, and your doorway appears. If you're a psychonaut too, I mean…

  3. Bruh half the people in these comments are jokes. I came bsck to this video sober earlier today I was off on 7 grams of some good ass shatter but like some people here pretending to be high and it's so irrating like why the fuck you pretend. While I'm watching this video stoned I was think like what if the world and our galaxy is so much smaller than you think. It could be. Our galaxy could be surrounded by a bunch of others in side of something bigger which something that's holding these galaxy's are a bunch of others and keeps getting bigger. I Really think something is going on i know I'm just high and might be taking this as a joke but like fr this shit is some scary stuff

  4. But are they high making sure these graphics will look cool when your High or are they sober and just guessing. Or did they make it when they were sober and tested it on someone high?

  5. This vid and music combo is the most gorgeous thing I could possibly imagine… it's like those little lasers are each generation penetrating through the different eras lmao idk If u understand this I'm high as shit

  6. this video was part of an extraordinarily life changing trip and re watching it almost feels like a past life. Each change of beat brought a new emotion and a new reality, each time the sequence restarted (about 11 minutes) a more familiar feeling would accompany it allowing me to dive into depths of my psyche I didn't know I had. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I no longer care. I hope and know I cannot be alone in what feels a merely personal experience. P.S. I know I am using huge words that sound condescending, but I really don't know how else to convey my emotions

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  8. mute the videoand watch it while listening to playboi carti – location slowed.
    I swear the world could be a cyperpunk world if Carti was a president

  9. dude i put this on my 65 inch 4k tv for a sesh wtih the boys, we smoked 80s and had a massive Chinese and a bunch of snacks over the course of the night, we had some chilled hip hop beats and if anyone wanted to chill or enter the trip zone all they had to do was look at the TV. amazing video man made that entire night bliss. this morning we just waked and baked and we chilling again just chatting away. this comment took me about 10 mins to write cos im so baked but thank you man. anyone reply if they vibe with this shit bruh or tell me yall story. much love dudes and keep smoking and chilling.

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