The New Gel That Regrows Brains

A new healing gel helped mice regrow brain tissue after a stroke, and scientists suspect someone out there is producing a bunch of ozone-destroying CFCs in …


  1. I agree with the guy about China they do have an extreme overhaul of recyclable landfield waste imported from many countries. This could be the result of a cheap reaction of setting it on fire. Or another culprit would be a new bacteria feeding on the supermassive continents of trash in our oceans excreting cfcs as a byproducts of their metabolising it. I think some contracted UN biologist should go test those most likely culprits given their extreme pollution history.

  2. okay, healing the brains of mice is interesting, but why did you hide the intentional release of CFC's into the atmosphere in the second part of this clip?!? this should be HUGE NEWS on MSM, and relevant to EVERYONE that likes living. People, forward to 3:50 to see what "scientist reporters," chose to hide behind mouse brain gel.

    Scishow should be ashamed. this should be a clip on its own, with red flags, sparklers, fairy dust, unicorn horns and rainbows. WTF?!?

  3. China or some third world nation that's producing for China. China is the world number one world poison producer, even their products meant for human consumption can directly poison humans.

  4. A few years ago i worked next door to a company called e-cycle that went to companies and labs and ripped out all of their stuff whenever they closed or moved. I offered to help them to recycle more and make more money and toss out less.

    They didn't take me up on the offer. They bragged about ice picking the suction line on refrigeration units prior to hauling them off to the metal scrap yard so that they would be accepted.

    I am offered to build them a machine to suck out the refrigerant, liquify it and save it for sale. They also threw out a box labeled "McCloud gage". I knew what that was and sure enough, the box contained a blown glass piece of scientific equipment that contained about 3 oz of liquid mercury that e-cycle had just thrown in a 40 foot dump box.

  5. There are CFC's in spray air for electronics cleaning. I had bought a bottle of canned air years ago and noticed it had CFC's in it. After a few sprays, I didn't use it anymore.

    So check your canned air, people, and return it for a refund because it has CFC's in it.

  6. Hank, thank you very much for discussing CFCs, I am currently studying/training for a career in HVAC/R, and it is crucial that people (especially Americans, sorry) learn more about the destructive nature of these chemicals. It is currently, as you may well know, illegal to release refrigerants into the atmosphere here in Canada. But the laws are very different south of the border, and many states have yet to institute such a series of laws, which means technicians all over the country are purging Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems into the atmosphere releasing R-12 and R-22 refrigerants which are CFCs. Very bad! Anyways, thanks again!

  7. i understand that human experimentation is a taboo before you make your findings safe relatively speaking BUt why not just try to use the gel on the elderly that have severe problems from strokes to help them while they still have time in their lives to get better and help the rest? what if they take in volunteers who want to try and get better even if there is a slight chance of getting better? any thoughts? im open to read any other ideas or points of view Thank You.

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