In this episode of The Mtn Project we enter the final days of flower and the Mendo Boys take you on a walk through update. You get to see some of the problems …


  1. those hills covered in that nasty fuckin cheatgrass invasive shit perpetuated by cattle grazing. fire hazard and everywhere. hopefully those mountains can get reforested some day

  2. what can i do if i waited to long to trellis or cage my plants? They are about 5 to 6 feet tall abd all ive done is stake them once

  3. You guys doing any givaways soon would love some samples to try and i spread the word n sound of you guys thru my city keep up the work and music

  4. I need a job guys im good almost at everything in a yard i use to work in the fields of cauliflower and lettuce i mean hard work right now i install floors for a living but i love marijuana and i would love to work for you guys and learn too im serius

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