The Cannabis Entrepreneurship Boom Is Coming

TYT”s Cenk Uygur spoke with Tom Sterlacci, an entrepreneur who received the first cannabis license in the U.S. following the end of the prohibition in Colorado.


  1. so close to unsubbing.
    i can't stand Cenk's fat face.
    in my opinion…he holds 1/3 of the responsibility for Trump.
    too fat/lazy to canvas for Bernie, and show others how…
    too partisan to call out election fraud.

  2. Man i need to get in this weed game right here. I start selling weed in the streets when i was 14. I seen a lot of my brothers go to the jail for selling pounds of this shit. I can't wrap mind around how these white folks about to make billions selling weed for a industry?? Legal! All the people that we lost.smh. They should just give us a license. Straight up. Its about to be legal tho by midterms or 2020.

  3. So the same corporate shitheads who are going to jump in and make billions were the same bastards who went along silently sending folks to prison for the exact same thing that they are now going to cash in on. Fuck 'em. Grow your own!

  4. Ppl. want "world destruction" instead of "world peace"..legalize marijuana..put addict's in clinic's..end "private prison's"..end world war's..hey guess what? weed cost $, right? ppl. are gonna' need $ to buy end those other draconian program's..maybe start a "federal job's guarantee"..they'll have that ability.."rich dummies'".lol

  5. People who look at cannabis (probably the most beneficial plant on earth) and solely see $ signs are a problem, regardless of who they are, including this guy who's getting his ass kissed by Cenk. Legalization has reduced prices by over half, support your local blaaackmarkut, not this greedy bastard. BTW, Hickenlooper pushes a heavy drug; alcohol and he was opposed to legalization initially. Greedy 'entrepreneurs' make me ill including the ones who profit from REALl addictive drugs like Hickenlooper and Howard Schultz to name just two.

  6. cenk i am confused by something is tyt politics gone and if so what is emmas youtube channel or did she leave TYT to do something else if that is the case what is the other investigative channel that is like tytpolitics because i can subscribe to something else that means

    i want to continue to watch everything TYT as much as possible

  7. I'm so happy businesses are booming. But, I can't help but feel soooo bad for all the poor black and brown ppl currently in prison for doing the same thing. And also, some very poor whites who did the same thing. :(.

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