1. All my days, why the F…. did I have the fleeting thought once that dealing was so glamorous, now that's proper messed up! From what I know and it doesn't take a genius to work out, no amount of money can compensate for the immeasurable suffering … if you had a conscious of course. Love a little more hate a little less PEACE.

  2. Sentiment E you get real good shows that entertain the vast majority and educate on drugs and culture similarity when it comes to drugs. Hope all is well down under and thanks as usual? May I ask your age I been turning out guesses in my head but not sure lol.

  3. Hey B! I used to shoot coke….it was hella hard to quit! I have a wild story ab a time I shot coke in a Hotel!!!!! I'm gonna do a story time vid tonight! Just swinging thru to show u some love….Lines and Lastnight….

  4. what i dont understand is why such content is promoted in American culture. The protagonist is a dealer, or murderer, in music the same way or worst. What do you think?

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