Ontario’s pot retail plan will bring ‘big wave’ to Canopy’s Q2: Linton

Shares of Canopy Growth recovered somewhat on Thursday, one day after sliding on news that the company posted a loss in its latest quarter. A look at the …


  1. Bruce’s eyes look he doesn’t have soul. Ginger hiding in plain sight. That’s what I like to see in a CEO. This points to profits. Not like that limp dic Vic smh

  2. How can you own intellectual property of something everyone who is currently growing and experimenting and been doing it through prohibition and all the research Israel has done you own No intellectual property

  3. Creating a brand should start with the product, as you can dress it up as much as you like (which you have done with laughable descriptors for the strains), but if it's not worth the butane used to burn it how can you expect anyone to be a loyal consumer? Your brand is a joke, and fortunately everyone in the industry knows it, nor have they forgotten about the Myclobutanil poisoning and subsequent cover up. All marijuana should be grown well, as it's not about more resources, but rather allocating resources to maximize efficiency while still retaining quality. If there weren't such huge financial barriers to enter the Canadian Cannabis industry you would never be here, as much better growers AND businessmen would quickly devour your slack in the marketplace and the atrocious entity that is Canopy Growth. Something tells me I won't have to wait long though, as many of your current competitors already have amazing product AND business plans, who knew?

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