1. The school of Americas was for training central and south American military personnel. Its what our green berets did for the most part throughout the 70s, 80s and into the 90s. We actually trained and equipped the Mexican military personnel that ended up taking the equipment and skills to go work for the cartels, becoming the zetas.

  2. great documentary but I can't believe people are saying rip to Escobar ? That dude was straight evil. The things that dude did to fellow human beings was insane. The man made billions from the death and destruction that cocaine brought about . Smh

  3. Pablo Escobar is burning in Hell for killing innocent men woman and children, he blew a plain full of innocent people just to get one person evil demon person that shouldn’t be idolize, put the lord Jesus Christ is you life….

  4. Yo Big Al . I want that jacket my man . U are the Real deal . Do u have any awesome books 📚 I can read . I have already read American desperado iceman Richard Kuklinski underboss one underboss on Sam/Anthony I need some new material to read hook me up please thanks

  5. I love Your documentaries.. LOVE them.. But you gotta make them longer.. You should be making stuff(and getting paid the same) as stuff like Cocaine Cowboys.. I have watched all of your 1hr plus long docs like 8-10 times at least

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