Mysterious Syndrome Marijuana Users getting SICK GMO POT 2019

mysterious syndrome in which marijuana users get violently Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome genetically modified marijuana 2019 government conrolled …


  1. Fuck the government grow your own .They feed grain to the cows so you do not get your nitrilisides from your food . Nitrilisides are B17 . This is why you see dogs eat grass.

  2. I figure this is exactly why they had no prob making it legal in some states. If u don't see seeds beware and even if u do I would verify still that it's grown from legit sources not the dispensary etc

    There Is nothing this wicked gov and world elitists and eugenicists won't put their hands on. I see now why the days in the end times must be cut short because otherwise there really wouldn't be any flesh spared from all this bullshit. Ur gonna get hit somehow somewhere from some angle no matter what it is. Now is def not the time to not be a believer in the Most High. A time will come soon when He is literally all we will have it's gonna get so bad. I'm sick of them with their agendas thinking they own and run it all. As if they're entitled to something we aren't. It's just a sickening mentality

  3. I use the RSO for chronic illness. Is it all GMO too? I live in WA state, and I know a lot of the growers hate the govt because of all the regulation involved. There should be some growers then who wouldn't go along with Monsantos wishes ? Is there a way to find a scrupulous grower/brand?

  4. if you look at the 2019 economist magazine cover,..the right hand is holding a pot leaf with 8 leaves on it,..pot only grows in odd numbers of leaves as in 3-5-7-9-ect,..and farther down the arm there is a genetic marker tattooed on it,.maybe a message to show how they are changing the molecular structure of pot,.. i mentioned this on a vid i made several months ago on my channel,..this is also why monsanto is trying to buy the patent for pot seeds….i made the vid asking for opinions on the meanings of the cover as they always "broadcast" their intentions by using codes.

  5. fake ass pot  I will never smoke    I smoked all my life and could get a scrip   but refuse cause all the damn food they manipulate also makes me sick  they doing the same shit to our weed      grow your own

  6. what the hell.. and this is why we did not need the legalization they are giving us.. the government and corporations get involved and we screwed… been buying the shit "black market" since the 90's (my state is still illegal NJ).. never got sick in my life…… it blocks certain receptors of the cancer cell so it can't feed and spread and it eventually dies.. thats why it helps.. please note.. if you want a garuntee.. take the cannibas oil.. not cbd.. you need the good homecoooked stuff with the thc still left in it.. cbd is from hemp.. it does not have all the cannibinoids like marijauna .. but to garuntee CHANGE YOUR DIET WHILE YOU TAKE IT>> SWITCH TO MOSTLY WHOLE FOODS FRUITS AND VEGTABLES UNCOOKED>> i promivce you will have a fighting chance..Its a duel treament,, cuz while the receptors of the cancer cells are blocked from obsorbing nutrients you will be loading you healthy cells with all the nutrients to over power the cancer cells..been doin' this a minute.. oh and thank you captain nowledge for spreading this proper info even though you are not a pothead yourself.

  7. Trojan horse. First they get everybody on board and then the switcheroo. CBD oil with a trace amount of THC cured my cat of a 'terminal' cancer. Still going strong a 1.5 years later.

  8. CHS is very, very real … Long story but I believe it may be more related to CBD (CBD receptors) and not THC. I am approx. 40 and have been very involved in the cannabis "industry" for most of my life (and still)… and pretty much A-Z within. So I am NO nay sayer when it comes to pot. Nothing to do with GMO whatsoever (that is a fear yet to come though), or Neem oil toxicity or cyclic vomiting syndrome …. I first had it approx at 13yrs old. and it didn't happen again until I was about 20-21 … So damn painful that I immediately recognized it as the same "?sickness?" I had when I was 12-13yrs old. I puffed pretty steadily since I was quiet young … No Breaks kinda thing. Now after I was 21 it started to happen almost every 1.5 years until about 30 then it seemed to be occurring about every 10months or so. For me, every time this happens I am basically "disabled" (admitted and in a hospital bed, saline, I basically don't even move until it's over) and the duration of "episode" has always been 12-14 in the hospital days before it leaves, then 3 days of easy to stomach foods in small amounts … which sucks after not eating for 2 weeks … just saline. Now I have "aborted" or fought it off many times by identifying the feeling as early as possible and getting your body into a hot bath ASAP so it covers your stomach at least and LIKE MAGIC the pain is gone … it seems once I "break the seal" (start the non-stop throwing up) IT's ON!!! * New tip I got from another guy … Any pain cream containing capsicum (hot pepper/burn sensation) can be used on the area to "trick/hack" your brain to gut/endo-cannabinoid system or whatever it is exactly and not feel the pain. It's risky but I try to keep myself "regulated" and stay away from obvious CBD containing products … Still no guarantee but I had reduced the amount & times which I use to puff over the last so many years …. But I'm still puffin MoFo's 😉 lol.
    Forgot to say there was no GMO pot when I was younger and very close family members grew their own indoor (soil & hydro etc.), years later I was doing the same too.
    * This is some newer info on how it "May, Roughly" be working ….

  9. Canabinioid hyperemis – thanks Monsanto, this is all the dispensaries sell! Its different for sure. Problem is this GMO WEED is all the illegal dealers sell as well. Pre-nineties strains are what you want.

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