Making alcohol Free Cannabis Tincture

I am a legal medical marijuana User! My Husband is my legal designated grower! These videos are meant to educate and celebrate. Not to encourage illegal …


  1. Hi Bev. I've been checking out your vids for quite awhile now. Wanted to share a tip I use with my tincture I make. Of course, I do the work from what I have learned here. When my tincture is finally finished I put it in the fridge after it cools. I use either olive oil or coconut oil as I couldn't find the glycerin in the large containers. I use a small amount on the tip of a spoon at night, hold it under my tongues for about 2 minutes them swallow. It helps relax me and after a bit of time I feel the drowsiness of sleep setting in. Works great. Also, we use this tincture for cuts, abrasions or anything which is an irritant. My son had to have a tooth pulled awhile back. He asked about the tincture to help until he could see his dentist. I gave him some, which he applied to the area. Ten minutes later he told me that it had killed the pain he was experiencing. Kept him on a level base until his appointment. As for cuts, I have used it and found it not only helps with the healing, but stops pain and keep any infection away. Thank you for providing vital help and information which is proving in so many ways to be right on the mark. Blessings!

  2. Greetings from southern Canadians, aka Cajuns, love your videos , I just found them today and am thankful for good folks like y'all ! Love the easy instruction and recipes! Keep up the good work !

  3. Thank you so much for this instructional video. I've been making cannabutter and canna oil, I've thought the tincture required grain alcohol and I'm afraid to mess with that. Now I'll be able to have this in my fridge for whenever needed. One question: Could this go in the freezer? Thank you for your time 💕

  4. Hi can you give me the good Celsius° for the smoked party i dont ear well what you say (240°? or 40°?) and how many times 50/60 minutes or 15/16 minutes? the °celsius and times are the same for 20gr of canna ? Thank you for your reply

  5. Most people do the stir every 30 mins for 3 hours. I would rather do this crock pot method even though it takes 24 hours. This way I can just set it and forget it

  6. Thanks for the video i really liked it. I heard you say you were gonna put some on the window sill, The exposure from the sun will most likely damage the trichomes, Ide be curious to know if you could get back and tell me. Thanks again

  7. Would the 10 to 1 ratio apply to olive oil also? I need the olive oil because it is more bioavailable with lung cancer. I am also using Girl Scout Cookie herb that runs about 28% THC so I have to be very cautious not to end up with something that will blow my mind. I don't want the high.

  8. Awesome video ! 👍🏾 You really know your stuff 🤔😁👍🏾
    I use pretty much this same exact process..
    except I did have one question..? 🤔
    You mentioned setting a jar on a windowsill for 6 weeks ..??
    Wouldn’t u wanna put it in a cool, dark place , like a closet for about 8 weeks instead ?
    I mean … why the window ? Won’t it get sunlight there ..? I thought darkness was better for that scenario 🤔🤷‍♂️

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