Live PD: Six Beers Steady (Episode 34) | A&E

During a routine traffic stop, an officer discovers an open beer container and a driver under the influence in this clip from “04.22.2017”. #LivePD Check out 7 …


  1. i’ve seen people walk perfect lines and blow below state regulations and cops still say DUI just because they think they’re still intoxicated… but this man just blatantly told the god honest truth and got away with what most people couldn’t do… life lessons

  2. Finally Finally  there is one more person in the world that has more than 2 beers like me !!!told the cop I bought a 12 pack and there is 4 left so I had 8 followed me home be honest its not that hard folks !!

  3. Wow nice cop God bless that man !! wish I got pulled over by this cop.. didn’t have to do much of Field Sobriety test or a breathalyzer and got just a warning lol 🤬

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