1. Hey Chef,

    Great to hear you're liking our CGE Max300. Looking forward to seeing your results after flower with the high infrared output on that fixture. I'm positive you'll like the light penetration you get from it. Thick buds all the way to the soil.


  2. Grow some micro greens like Canabis it’s a super food has a lot of nutrition an it only takes 8 days from seed to harvest They have the cancer fight properties that you need

  3. Instead of chemo and becoming bald, you've got hair to spare! 😉
    👍 For healthy greens. I look forward to your outdoor garden this year. Thanks for the answer about power plant, if you're making extracts you want higher THC. Beautiful ❤️ view outside today! Peace and love.

  4. Maybe like robot sticks up its butt, but even in Canada a Robot of Bhang and a pepper party,,,,really,,,not that green clover chow,,,,anyway, since you got it under control, nice start on the rest of the garden! Are you less than a Month from the end of freeze?

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