Flavor! Medo Pod Kit by MedoVape & Golisi

Small, tasty and compact with a 500mAh internal Golisi battery. It’s the Medo vape kit. My Patreon Page – www.patreon.com/wendyvapes Want to make a random …


  1. I agree with you 100% Wendy, pod systems need to be reviewed. I have been an on and off vaper for 4 yrs now. Yes it helped me cut down on cigarettes, but I could never get off them completely, until pod systems came out. Something about them just hits that satisfaction mark, and I found I didn't want a cigarette anymore. So I now use my pod systems, along with my mod set ups. So many people complain that there is too many of them, and to many reviews about them, but I think they are a great tool to help stop smoking, whether it be a beginner to vaping, or more experienced. vapers

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