1. I wish you guys could talk to Morley Robbins about Vitamin D. Vitamin D in low GENERALLY when there is an imbalance in the trace minerals and magnesium in the body NOT because the body is actually low in Vitamin D. I was able to bring my Vitamin D and Iron up by using his Root Cause Protocol. I am now off my iron and vitamin D supplementation. Please study his work πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh…I learn so much about myself from listening to this. Consensus: I have an auto-immune disease. It started after a life-changing event. I went into a not so nice foster home at age of 16 until I graduated which means there was also a change of diet. And there were other couple of negative life-changing events.

  3. When a doctor doesn't know what is the problem with your digestive system calls it IBS , supposidly having IBS means no solution for it!
    Just fast for couple of weeks only one meal a nigh at early evening and during day minimal amount of water ,I did it I was fully cured.

  4. Thank you both for passing on this incredible information. I’ve read countless books on health and nutrition and this is one of my favorites. I’ve sent it to many of my friends through audible. The first time I heard of lectins was in D’adamo’s book Live Right for your type, I was at my healthiest when I followed the protocol. My husband and I plan on doing the diet in the new year. Best wishes!

  5. The great point is made here about eating food high in lectin. I follow all an Alkaline-vegan- spelt, Kamut, wild rice, garbanzo bean, salmon, egg white diet. (lolol). People need to step back, look at the food you are eating, check where it originates from, how it's made and grown. For example the vegetable it itself. Each and every veggie is not healthy. Most here in the western region is HYBRID(starch base). People wake up and take charge and not follow what the industry tells you. What Dr. Gundy, Mercola, Dr. Bergman are telling you is to help you check what it is you are consuming. ..they are few goods nutritionist. They are here to educate us and make us aware. Be grateful for the wealth of information we now have access to via this youtube. These are the best times of all time. I wish this was around before I lost my sister to LUPIS. She may be alive today had we had access to the info on lectin, wheat belly, benefits of alkaline type foods, hazards of mucus in the body and how it is detrimental to our system. Do your homework

  6. incredible information!!!Β  yet, 61K views.Β  put a stoop-it cat video on, and it goes viral.Β  no wonder so many people in the US are sick, to no end!

  7. I'm really willing to try this. I'm not over-weight and don't have to lose lbs but I have arthritis EVERYWHERE. I also had a massive reaction to the fly vaccine in 2012 and have widespread neurological damage. I can't stand the pain anymore and am will to do anything for relief.

  8. just saw a Dr. Gundry detractor, also selling his diet book with comments turned off on all three of his book selling vids. another died vid web site saying lectins are not bad and looking up definitions to say where lectins are and are not, looking to disprove Dr. Gundry none of these people have a proven track record of Dr. Gundry,, until i see a number of people coming forward to disprove these results, and you would with the internet. i think you should try this diet if you are over wight or have hard problems.

  9. I discovered Dr. Gundry on the internet. I am on the hyper side and decided to get on his diet. It requiring disciplined adjustments. Too early for feedback, but think it is a logical experiment. Good health is my goal and his preventive selective eating plan has my full attention. Excellent interview.

  10. I am so glad I ran into this video!! The information was fantastic. The level of knowledge and wisdom from these two well-known experts was fascinating. I want to thank both for such a great interview and for sharing their knowledge. This video has motivated me to try the fasting strategy starting with the interim fasting of 10-hrs a day for a month. I want to see the effect in my globulin levels after the process.

  11. i was wary of this gundry, mainly b/c he often delivers his msg in an infomercial type format. seeing mercola take him seriously made me pay closer attention. great interview with such good advice for myriad problems. thanks dr. mercola for being the beacon of health and exposing us to such valuable information!

  12. Humans have been able to survive in many eara’s and places over the past due to the daily stew that had beans added that were cooked to mush with little to actually chew (slop) but most homes had a soup that never was ever thrown out. They would just add to it for years and in many cases beans built the West US and if you lived past 40 you were doing good. They were cooked though and if you talk to any good Italian Chef they will tell you the best ministrone takes years to develop but must be brought to boil every day or brought down to almost freezing or it spoils. Modern life has forgotten this.

  13. Well… this was a refreshing and encouraging chat between you both! Thank you for answering so many of my own questions in my personal search for the right plan for my body's health. Thank you again Dr. Mercola for always addressing the hard questions and controversies that, for some of us laymen, are so confusing to weed through we end up quitting the search. I feel so relieved after listening to both of you address these issues.

  14. Thank you both for sharing your wisdom and passion for good health. It is so refreshing to hear doctors discuss diet and nutrition and the science behind it. Fasting is an anceint remedy that has long been used for restoring the body's balance. I just wish I had the discipline to do it more regularly. This is just the reinforcements I needed to hear!

  15. I fast for 21 hours with a 4 hour window. Doing Keto but will start removing lectins. He makes sense . Oh, I love his vital reds:) Please, wake up folks. The food industry + conventional doctors are killing you!!!!

  16. EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! You two individually have changed my life. Together, you two are PHENOMENAL! Then, add in Dr Fung? πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Blow my mind! Thank you isn't enough to express my gratitude for sharing your experience and wisdom. πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  17. Totally magnificent. The studio is great. Mercola showed up in magnificent form. This video should end up getting a million views. Mercola has done his part. The least we all could do is spread the link and the message it contains. I have long advocated a President's Medal of Freedom for Stephen Lendman. I have come to see Catherine Austin Fits, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ellen Brown as people who should be awarded the Medal of Freedom once liberty and justice returns. I have long admired Mercola the Magnificent. Now I will finish my five personal nominations for the Medal of Freedom with Dr. Joseph Mercola. Dr. Mercola demonstrates continual growth in this video. To say Mercola outdid himself in this video is not the best expression, but it leads to the thought that the only person who can outdo yesterday's Dr. Mercola is today's Dr. Mercola.

    Terence McKenna said a meme was the shortest expression to replicate an idea. I see "autophagy" as the greatest word for better change we have. What idea do you believe is expressed in "Autophagy and Mercola?"

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