1. Bobby Lee is am intellectual hater. Man enough to admit that he though less of Jordan until he saw something different. He thought Jordan was his equal, or at least equal to the average skit sketch comedian. Mind Blown.

    "Wow, Jordan was such a pot head… he didn't even have a car…walking…" A real friend wants to see you improve and evolve. Bobby Lee stuck in the past.

  2. Wow, I always thought Bobby was a down to earth guy. Watching him tell Peele how great he his is pretty embarrassing. He really strapped on those knee pads. Not a fan of watching rich people tell each other how great they are and pretending like life is difficult for them. "I regret watching this"

  3. Peele smoking enough to not dream… weed steals your dreams. I thought the same shit where I didn't dream or didn't remember them stopped smoking for 3 weeks and after a week started having crazy dreams again

  4. "What doesn't make sense about a Japanese billionaire buying a black body?" Uh, literally everything? Rosemary's Baby is a racist book that portrays Japanese men as creepy and malicious, yet a "racially conscious" film is doing a shout-out to it? A foreign accent could have been done by a European foreigner…you know, the ones that actually auctioned black slaves. Khalyla saying "there should have been more Asians" was especially stupid. Not all Asians are rich. The depiction of the Japanese character was ahistorical and predicated on racist stereotypes, and Peele's explanation just made him look ignorant.

  5. And here Im driving 23 without a license feeling like a loser and my boi Jordan didn't get his until 36 …you literally drowned my procrastination demon 😂

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