1. Good video. I am starting right away. I just threw away half a litre of wine I had left over. I wud never have done that. My issue is this… How do I hang out with my old friends, what will I drink when with them?

  2. Beer is cheap in Holland. About €0.60 for 0.5 litre at the Supermarket. So for me drinking beer didn't cost me that much really. I don't drink much anymore. Basically only at party's/special days.
    But it would be better if you only could buy alcohol at liquor shops.

  3. Yeah , I lied to myself for ages that it wasn't a problem because wine is okay . We ladies and our wine o clock nonsense 😶 Thankfully stopped a while back and not going back there .

  4. I calculated about $15 US a day witch doesn't seem like much.. but add that up 7 days a week 365 days a year. $5,500 a year. That's only drinking at home and an occasional pint at the pub.

  5. I have not calculated amount I have spent in the past. Before I found your videos I decided to use cost as an incentive. If I found myself in a situation where I would normally drink. After work or meals and such I would value each drink at $5. That's the average cost for a pint or highball in restaurants here. In the first week I had written down $100! That surprised me alot. I made it a point not to underestimate the amount. I have been keeping track since and when my daughter turns one year of age I will look at the number I have and buy something for myself or my family.

  6. So good vídeo but so few watchings unfortunately. Interestingly, people tend to minimize every single cent trying to save on really cheap things. But when it comes to alcohol they suddenly become extremely generous.

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