1. I do asmr's and I figured out that the whispering isn't so you can talk. You whisper bc during an asmr, you're rarely supposed to talk. It's satisfying to do the talking, but sometimes. It's just too much. Also, don't try too hard to stay quiet. The point of it is to get the satisfaction of noise. So, when you got the makeup wipe out, that was satisfying. And was supposed to be loud. Anyways, loveee loveee loveeeeee youuur content. 🙏 ok have a nice day.

  2. Um no lie but I usually hate mouth asmr and I don’t ever get tingles but WHY DO I LOVE URS AND HOW DID U MAKE ME RELAXED probably cuz it doesn’t sound wet😂 and of course it’s u😇🥰 definitely rewatching and replaying

  3. I never watched asmr because I never really liked it but this made me so relaxed i was about to fall asleep. Sylvia can you talk me to sleep every night your voice is so relaxing!!!

  4. Confession: my boyfriend listens to it and it's always girls, so I've developed an insecurity behind asmr but you made me forget about it for the most part. You are great Sylvia i f****ing love you

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