10 Smartest People In The World

Here are the top 10 smartest people in the world. These real life geniuses have some of the highest IQ’s ever recorded. Like us on Facebook: …


  1. It's funny how people don't realize that a high wisdom is much beneficial to humans than a high IQ. And there is no way to measure it reliably.
    If you are a wise person, then you know what is the best possible way to live your life.
    if you are a smart man/woman, but not very wise, then you also can't use your IQ as well as those who are wise and possibly smart as well.
    Wise people are also intellectually honest, but just smart people not necessarily.

    You can study, play chess etc. and get smarter, but how to get more wisdom and where? Now that's the real question.

  2. I don't even know where to begin.

    First: IQ is not a representation of how smart someone is. It's a specific unit to measure specific skills in the brain.
    Second: IQ average is not "around 100", it is 100, by definition. And if the entire population (of a country for instance) grows a bigger IQ, then IQ values are adapted to take that into account and make sure the average is still 100.

    I did not go much further in the video since it already sounds a little bullshity, and if I said something wrong I'd be happy to know about it, but yeah, as it stands, this is mostly clickbait…

  3. Just a note on the IBM chess machine – it' was confirmed that a team of grandmasters had inputted many deep openings into the machine
    Gary Kasparov tried to take advantage of the coding of the machine, but due to the preset openings it didn't work out so well

  4. So, the narrator forgot to insert, "Judit Polgar is the most powerful and exceptional <FEMALE>> Grandmaster in history." Promoting that she was the most powerful and exceptional Grandmaster in history sounds ridiculous. Also, spelling out the letters for F I D E chess organization made me chuckle! I guess it's understandable; if they aren't really into the sport. Yes, Chess is a sport. Also , reading out enviable as inviable, these are two totally different words, pronounciations and meanings!

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