💚New: "I like your videos, but I don't want to be a MINIMALIST!"🤔 Faith + Simple Living

If I had a nickel for every comment that says: “I like your videos, but I don’t want to be a minimalist”…that’s ok! Stop when you feel like you’ve achieved your goal …


  1. Yes, we just need to modify & customize these ideas to make them work for our families in the way that's best for us. I'm not really interested in being a minimalist, but am instead interested in paring down to only having what we use. I really do not enjoy cleaning & have discovered that the reason is because of the clutter & how it creates a whole lot of extra cleaning time.
    I LOVE that you shared scripture & oh my goodness… that you prayed for us. That really touched my heart.💗💗💗 I love your videos- they're helping me change the way that I think about the things in my home.

  2. Wow I never comment on your vedios but today I have to say it was a beautiful vedio love it Thank you for all the beautiful words you say on this channel and how amazing you can change a person way of thinking..This has to be by far the best vedio I’ve seen threw the whole YouTube community ..It’s such a blessing to run into your channel I’m so looking forward to seeing all your vedio

  3. your like my gaurdian angel your videos each one iwatch seem to be exactly what i need athe time.im really enjoying these videos and i didnt think i would .2 days ago we knocked a wall and removed wardrobes (closets)and chest of drawers in our room it.they were all packed up to the gills.were working onthe minimalisim big time .it was overwhelmingly freeing we moved on so much stuff jamming our lives up.iwas cryingall day with relief my husband was wiped out .all your videos are always encouraging and helping me along in our quest to have calmer life.p,s

  4. I wrote down, as a great quote and guideline, your comment, “When you find contentment in your house, stop there. I think that is the goal: contentment.” I look forward to that day when I no longer feel the weight of TOO MUCH STUFF. This will be my signal to stop~contentment! This video was practical and motivating and hope giving. I now have more courage to “be really hard in your [my] stuff”!! God bless you darling sisters!

  5. My 26 yo daughter and I went shopping yesterday. I really have my eye on a $60 pair of shoes. I was able to hold myself to only buy sock liners, nude since I only have black and white and nothing else. I am saving any spending for those shoes.

  6. Thank you so much for your ministry that you are bringing to us. You are so uplifting!!! So glad I found your channel. Hoping you will continue the Sunday morning talks. I'm so enjoying them. Plus I love all your others also. I'm working at getting rid of the "stuff". And I'm finding new peace in doing it!!! Thank you!!! God bless.

  7. Hi Dawn, I’ve been watching your videos the past few months and I love them! I love this faith series, challenging us Christians to live biblically and not worldly as our culture would dictate. I’m at the beginning of my decluttering and minimizing journey, but feel so good about all I’ve done so far. This video is so encouraging and yet challenging at the same time— I had tears. Jesus is changing me and setting me free from stuff to bring me “ life to the full” and I’m so thankful he’s using you and your sister to reach me and so many others. I look forward to more of your videos for more tough love and encouragement on this journey. May he bless you richly with his favor.

  8. I found your channel just over 2 weeks ago, because your laundry video was underneath a similar one from a youtuber that I was already subscribed to. Your message is such a needed one! I am a wife & mom of four, and we are in the process of moving. When I looked around at everything that we had to start packing, I immediately became overwhelmed. I was already overwhelmed by all the laundry and toys that seemed to be spread all over the house, and I was dreading the fact that I had to pack it & bring it all with us (there's something about actually having to move an object from one house to another that makes you wonder if it really is as important as you think it is). It was at that time that this blogger's article came up in my Facebook feed about owning less changing your motherhood. I desperately wanted to take the course that she had that would talk about dealing with the laundry/toys/kitchen stuff, etc, but we just couldn't afford the extra expense. So I went back to that minimizing laundry video I'd seen, and right underneath it was your toy series and then your kitchen decluttering video. God has truly used your channel as an answer to my prayers in what to do with all this overwhelming stuff. It's only been a matter of weeks, and it's hard to explain, but it feels like my life as a mother has been so greatly impacted just by removing some of the stuff from the house. While I wish I had made more progress (I wish I could be done with ALL the purging before we move but know that I won't be), I'm so grateful for what I have accomplished.

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