♡ FLORIDA Medical Marijuana Review! ♡ | vaping the truSTIK w/ truPODS from Trulieve

hey everyone! in this video I talk about the truSTIK vaporizor from Trulieve dispensaries in FL! sub for future reviews & products available to Florida’s MMJ …


  1. Yes the autofocus is messed up. This is true in my earlier videos. TBH I didn’t think anyone would ever watch any of these videos soooo sorry they sucked at first! Check out my new ones before you leave a hate comment! Then go to therapy to find out why you were gonna leave a hate comment on a strangers video in the first place

  2. I would love to know more I’m in Florida now and I have lupus and as you know in Florida they do not give you pain meds but I’m iffy about paying so much for the card and the doctor

  3. LOVE THE VIDEOS THANK YOU! I’m not sure if you’ve tried cartridges with cutting agents, but does the 100% MJ oil taste more like a strain than the cut ones? I’ve only tried the ones that have a cutting agent and I feel like I’m missing out on some flavors .

  4. Thank you awesome review, I just got mine and had a lot of questions, there really isn't a lot of videos explaining the product so thoroughly, your video really helped, THANK YOU.

  5. This is an excellent video. Thank you so much for doing it and I would definitely love to watch more. I could't find any other good videos. This is by far the best video for this product. <3

  6. Knoxs on 34th is the real deal, they use the orginal terps from the plant strain in the cart. Its a bit more expensive but worth it. All you need is one draw and good for the night. The cbd is legit too.

  7. I got my MMC but havent picked up product yet…theyre starting me on high CBD low THC…but im afraid how low the THC might be. i Think they said 50mg Vape oil, as well as a 50mg of tinctures….no idea what that translates to. Please help

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