Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant and busy places in the world. There’s SO much to see, but when you’re only there for a short amount of time, what are the …


  1. I've never been around Hong Kong, but I've seen Hong Kong street food on youtube and I like it. Wonton noodle soup of Hong Kong is awesome. That's ugly Asian girl is just a stupid girl. There is no such thing as what she says. She will die in 3 days. She will die sooner if she tries to do anything evil. What a piece of crap ugly stupid girl.

  2. I really liked it but please next time, do not pose with living animals, the sepiaa was still alive and posing with an nimal which is dying is not appropriate. It is still a living creature even if it can not talk

  3. if such english spoken language people even have not achieved any academic records with competitive profile how and what are their brain intelligent strengths and or what the value of such a city or country of such citizens of their homecountry?!

  4. are these white people good educated overseas too with good education profile competitive with Asian of their education achievements overseas?!

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